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  1. here I did some autistic command line ###### running 64 bit java
  2. At random times this game locks up and forces me to close it. Sometimes it just crashes to desktop without showing any crash logs. Here are some logs: I'm using the latest version of AMD's video drivers.
  3. someone buy this account, do this guy a favor
  4. think about how much more time you'll have to be sittin' there browsing the forums and gracing us with your insightful posting
  5. they should add bulk crafting so you can just right click a bsb and go afk for 10 minutes makin bricks that would make this game less spergy and actually enjoyable
  6. Care to explain that? Anyways, +1. It's a good suggestion and it should be forwarded to the devs.
  7. lmao you're still playing this game
  8. It's normal when I'm close, but when I move away a bit the whole face goes red.
  9. this whole thread ahahahahahah
  10. hey make it also check if the player is in a public library to avoid any future quadruple drains
  11. northeast also it looks like you guys went to the land of sin and got really hammered