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  1. Sea serpent runs from a fight Edit: And later gets zombified
  2. No, I moved them around to see if it had to do with being indoors or not, and only ever dropped them.
  3. Members of alliance are unable to rotate Food and Bulk Storage Bins on an allied deed. They are able to push and pull them, and are able to turn other objects (forges, crates, beds, etc) without issue. Village members can turn BSBs and FSBs, it is only alliance members who cannot
  4. Valrei Movement

    Wurm just completed its turn and has what it needs to win this scenario, which would likely not have happened if Libila had made a move when it was her turn to.
  5. The Nature superskill deserves a new title for 50 skill. "Gardener" does not seem appropriate since there is an actual Gardening skill.
  6. The only rule I know of that fits this description is the one that disallows you from using alts in one kingdom to assist an enemy kingdom. This is disallowed on MRH and JKH but not on BLH. Nothing directly involving multiple kingdoms was done on these alts that I'm aware of. Most of the killing was pointless. All that had to be done was attack the ones building walls to stop them and replace their plans with curbs so they couldn't build anymore. If anyone was at risk of being converted, it was because they were bloodthirsty. Maybe HOTS is where they belong.
  7. I didn't say they were wrong, and I didn't say it wasn't worth discussing. I was telling you what you've apparently already heard. The fact it had to be done to JKH before it got some real attention just shows how much the Devs/GMs favor JK over HOTS, and that most likely extends into parts of the game other than grief alts.
  8. I'm also going to assume you're talking about the alts. Griefing's been happening on Affliction and BLE for months and months, or longer. Any time it was reported, the reply was usually "it's not against the rules," even from Enki -- and it wasn't against the rules. The game rules for Epic regarding griefing only says "no defamation of character". Now it happens on Serenity, and within hours we get GMs directly intervening despite the "we want players to handle it themselves" attitude they've always had, and within days there's this: <Enki> We are investigating the problems affecting the Epic servers concerning non main kingdom avatars being used to cause harm. This falls under the Disruptive Player act and will be dealt with. This right here is evidence of a fairness issue, and it looks like favoritism.