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  1. Please COD: Lump, Iron, 1kg - 90.26ql - 95 Circle of Cunning - 1.30s to Hedgeknight Thanks
  2. Long overdue bump for GoldFever. Did a trade a while back and it was a pleasure.
  3. please COD this hatchet to Hedgeknight: 3.24 ql 93 CoC
  4. Please COD the 98 coc pickaxe to Hedgeknight. Thanks
  5. I'll take the ropetool. COD to Hedgeknight Thanks
  6. Please COD this: Rope Tool, Oakenwood - 76.84ql - 97 Circle of Cunning - 1.49s - Added (6/2/2015) to Hedgeknight Thanks
  7. Whoa. Just got done watching your videos. Great work there, I really enjoyed them . Hopefully they'll drag in a few more ex-UO loonies like myself into Wurm. I'll be popping by some time to pick up a horse or two. I live on the mountain along and up from you.
  8. bought

    Looking to buy 1g. 1s=1euro Reputable buyer. PM me if interested.
  9. mountain lion pelt 96 coc 2.5s?
  10. OK, cool. I'll get in touch. Many more needed ^^
  11. Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy around 50 sleep powders, paying 1s per powder. I can pick up from near any starter deed on Xanadu, though bonus hug if near Lormere or Newspring. Let me know if you can help.
  12. Just bought a knarr from Midguar and am very pleased with it. The transaction was smooth and Midguar very welcoming.
  13. Hi there. Could you please COD this: Spatula, Oakenwood - 3.25ql - 100 Circle of Cunning - 2.40s to Hedgeknight Thanks
  14. Hi again. Could you COD me this rake? 6 ql, 97 coc, 5 s Thanks for all the wonderful items so far
  15. Hey. Please COD this file: 85.08ql - 89 Circle of Cunning - 1.15s to Hedgeknight