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  1. Please COD the spindle to Hedgeknight. Thanks
  2. do you have a set of horse shoes left? If so please COD them to Hedgeknight
  3. COD #19 please to Hedgeknight
  4. i'll take the next highest ql please, COD to Hedgeknight
  5. Heading down a steep slope as a passenger on a cart, I got kicked off, fell though the world and ended up at the bottom of the slope with a bad wound. I have also managed to fall though a balcony since the recent collision change and have had a friend get kicked off my knarr when moving the prow though land.
  6. Hello all, I'm looking for a rare frying pan with which to cook tasty meals. If anyone has a spare one they don't mind selling, please PM me with an offer. Thanks Hedge
  7. Close pls

    Please COD #7 to Hedgeknight
  8. buyout. Please COD to Hedgeknight Thanks
  9. Please COD the spare hat to Hedgeknight Thanks
  10. Just spent a pleasant couple of days at Velintar's kitchen. He was very welcoming and provided a great service. He also provided me with a cart and horses with which to clear his steppe of anything that moved while he prepared each cook. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to level hfc.
  11. Just a little bit of extra info that may be helpful: When I came back to Xanadu I had yet to join the path of knowledge.
  12. Hi there. I have a bug to report about switching meditation paths and travelling servers. I have just returned from a 3 day trip to Exodus and am now back in Xanadu. Yesterday (17/06) I left the Path of Love with the plan of joining the Path of Knowledge after the 24 hour timer was over: [20:06:01] You decide to stop pursuing the insights of the path of love. I have just returned to Xanadu today (18/06): [14:42:08] Welcome back, Hedgeknight! Xanadu - the great mystery. I have discovered that the server switch has reset me back onto the Path of Love. I am back to the same level I was when I left as if no change was made. Does anyone know whether this is a known bug and if so how to get around it? I'm going to try leaving the path of love again now and I don't want it resetting me again the next time I cross servers. Thanks for your help. Hedge