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  1. please COD this Scythe 21q 88coc 1.4s to Hedgeknight. Thanks
  2. Can the rods of transmutation be mailed?
  3. Hi Zachariah. Really looking forward to this . I'll be coming along on Friday with a group of friends, including two Fo priesties. In terms of how I could help, probably my most useful skills would be 80 cotton tailoring, 80 ropemaking and 90 hfc.
  4. Aye indeed Wulfgarr, the cool down is not that bad. Though I hear what steve is saying about the difficulty, reports do say it is hard. But this is Wurm, a game of challenges! I still think it is worth giving it a go if someone is willing to try with me. So still looking
  5. Well of course I do have one, but I still need someone to enlighten me to skip the majority of the timer until the next level. As I said I have waited the necessary 7 days needed in order to attempt enlightenment. The total timer without enlightenment would be 24 days. That is quite a saving ^^
  6. I have 60+ Meditation and have waited over 7 days.
  7. Please enlighten me I've recently made the switch from the Path of Love , to the Path of Knowledge . I am currently a Desertmind and am seeking a Muddweller in the SW Xanadu region to enlighten me. If you are willing to help me out, simply post a message with your location and I'll get in touch to arrange when I can come over with a sexy high QL exquisite rug. My meditation is skill is leaps and bounds over the requirement so I'm hopeful it won't take too many attempts. (Famous last words) - [edit] OK so apparently this may not be true. Seems like it could take upwards of hundreds of attempts depending on RNG and the skill of the enlightener. But if you are willing to attempt the madness I'd still like to give it a go. Thanks for reading my post! Hedgeknight
  8. Aye, I read that. I think the moral is just not to cross servers when changing paths or seeking enlightenment
  9. Here's an update on this for anyone interested: I have since left Love and rejoined Knowledge and this time it has 'stuck'. I have even crossed servers since with no issues. My theory is that you need to have a server reset after changing paths and before crossing servers for it to work.
  10. Cod 21. pickaxe, steel 3.99ql CoC 94 2s70c to Hedgeknight please