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  1. Since you asked. Here is a pic of me at work. Think of this when you see me online during the weekday because I am playing at work
  2. So I started playing wurm back in Gold1 and they used to sell merchandise. Turns out my fiance thinks the shirt is comfy so I snagged a picture of her wearing it. Wurm pride.
  3. Wow... I have never seen this much Rolf love. It's nice for a change. Also, +1 to the idea of a no build radius.
  4. The game is great! Second most selling game on steam right now. WOOHOOO!! Keep in mind that if you buy the game you will have full access for one account when the MMO comes out. The MMO is free to play and test out on the newbie island, but if you want to join the main island you have to buy a ticket for each account you want to transfer over. There will be no subscription so that makes this game a one time purchase more or less.
  5. This is not the full MMO. The MMO will come out sometime next year. Not all houses are pre fab. You have an option to use them, but there is also modulat building like in wurm where you can choose where to place walls. There are also servers hosted by the company that you can play on.
  6. This is a bad ass trailer. The game will be available on Steam September 19 to play. This is a smaller version of the full MMO that will come out later. You will be able to host your own servers with up to 64 players. Should be $20 give or take. link for steam store.
  7. Bobik has told me and other testers that we are garunteed a spot in all other alphas. What I am trying to say with all these posts is that most of the shortcommings you see in the game are from wrong ideas about how the game works. Please feel free to ask me anything and don't take too much from the videos. I would recomend looking at the site for more info.
  8. The houses in the video are premade, but later construction you will be able to build inividual walls and doors. Taken from the website interactive FAQ: " Question: Could you please explain to me in a bit more detail how I would go about constructing a building square by square after I've flattened the ground? Answer: There are few construction ways: 1. build a whole building (like we did with windmill on our video) - and cells logic affect only how many cells you should flatten for that building. 2. build a fence or castle wall square by square - you will have to flatten enough cells for each block. 3. plan your house, setting every wall, window,and door sections and then complete construction Not sure that i have answered your question, but that should be enough for now. " The mini-games are completely optional! You have the choice to just watch your guy swing his axe at the tree or you can play the little java game. Alot of what yall are discussing about the game is answere here btw.
  9. Their game is not non-existant. I have played it and the combat system is actually similar to M&B. Not sure why you talk so low of this game you haven't even played.
  10. You should know that the video you saw that in was a fast paced demo. The time it takes to make a house is not instant.
  11. You should be aware that this is the off-topic section and one of the topics suggested to talk about is other games. And I will advertize elsewhere as well as continuing the convorsation here because of the similarites in Wurm. I don't think the developers of LiF have any intention to hurt the community of Wurm.
  12. "While LIFE IS FEUDAL is free-to-play, its full potential can only be experienced by subscribing to the game by acquiring a license (buy-to-play). Players are allowed to explore and roam a free continent almost without restrictions, giving a sense of the games full scope, complexity, and gameplay."
  13. The perks for donating are not the costs of the items or benefits ingame. It is just something extra you get for giving at that level. When the game is running one can fund a castle with in-game money like in wurm.
  14. Everyone has been talking about it, but now is the time to show your real support. The campaign as of today has 40 days left to collect funding. I have had the opportunity to test the game and play with some of the early crafting and fighting. It is very realistic and has a real survival feel. You start with nothing and through a string of technologies and tools you can create casltes and siege weapons. There is a FAQ section that anseres nearly every question you have about the game, but it is lengthy and unorganized. If you have any questions that you would want answered that might help you support the game I will gladly answer it. I am talking to to the developer in order to reduce the price to get into early testing. It is currently at 80eu which is rather high. **Please hype the game on **
  15. Restocked! Only deliver to Deli players for the time being
  16. Same as my name on here. My name on IRC is trashman though.
  17. Both orders are ready. Contact me on IRC or ingame so we can plan a drop off
  18. I have a few modifications I would like to make to it for my own personal use. Think you could send me the source?
  19. I have been keeping up on the forums with this sandbox game since the beginin of the year. As I have no friends who share my interest in games like this Im posting it here. If I had to sum it up it will be similar to wurm in the way you can change the land. You can dig, mine tunnels, cut trees and all that jazz. Should be a little more easier to gain skill, but we shall see. The combat is said to be similar to Mount and Blade. The coolest part of the game imo is that you can create your own village which can keep expaning into a kingdom with villages/towns under it. As a kingdom you can controll land and the land can be contested with battles. If I am leaving anything out check out the forum for more detail and ask question and the creator will answer very quickly. They have a team of about 5-10 working on it with decent funding. Plan alpha testing is in December, although the best way to get in is to have a group/guild set up. I am trying to gather some of my old friends or just fellow wurmians to join me. So make a forum account and lend your sword! My guild is called Noriyah Landing as an homage to the village I was in on JK home. I can't wait to play this game.
  20. Check out his weekly videos
  21. I could do like 20 bucks, but why are they asking for 100k?
  22. E3

    Check out a friend of mine's blog.