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  1. Are ore types evenly distributed on this map, or are they clustered in regions? I have opened a mine and gone 35 tiles, with prospecting high enough to analyze 6 tiles around, and have found no iron so far. I have found tons of sandstone though. Seemed unusual to me to have checked over 380 (main tunnel, plus analyzing 5 to the left and right) tiles and found no iron.
  2. Ok, I am curious how one would go about making the first priest character on a single player server. The map I am playing doesn't seem to have the white light altar (as far as I can tell), and since there is no priest available for conversion....... Can I use a GM character to convert a character into a priest?
  3. Thanks! Is that list a file I can examine in the WU directory by chance?
  4. Is there somewhere I can find a list of item ID's?
  5. Hi all. Trying to get back into playing WU after a couple years, and I cannot for the life of me remember how to select a map from the launcher. I downloaded a new one that I liked the looks of, and unzipped it into a new folder, but I do not remember what to do after that. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Thank you for the help! I haven't tried multi-clients yet, but I did set up the app id file and a shortcut linking directly to the executable, and that all seems to work.
  7. So, since Steam apparently disallows running multiple clients at once, is there any way someone playing a strictly single player map can invite other characters into a village? I would like to replicate my WO set-up, with my main character as deed-holder, and a couple of priest alts. I guess I could just give the alts full permissions, but it would be simpler to just add them to a deed as villagers. Also, I can't convert anyone to priest, so......... how would I get a priest started in the first place?
  8. Hello, just returning from a very long break and I thought I would give WU a try. One thing I always hated was not having the character body show up in inventory by default, and I cannot seem to find it in the settings anymore. Has display of body (wounds and equipment) in inventory been disabled in WU, or am I just blind?
  9. A couple quick questions from a (maybe) returning player. I quit about the time the premium costs increased, before bridges, crates, ship transports, and other awesome improvements. Overall, how much better, if at all, is the game currently, keeping in mind I only do PvE, and don't mind the non-twitchy combat system? Also, I notice in the for sale section of the forums there don't seem to be any postings for horses and other animals. I can't live without my horses and deer herd lol. Do people still buy, sell, and trade livestock, or can they finally be found in the wild easily, or is the community just too spread out among the various servers to support trade of this kind? A related question, is my home base of Independence still crowded? I was lucky enough to have had a deed right outside Freedom market, but otherwise it was a rough time trying to find a patch of land to claim that wasn't in the middle of nowhere lol. Finally, has making a useful priest gotten any more reasonable? I had my alt Mag priest that I was trying to skill up, and it was such a pain in the rear unless I glued myself to Wurm Online. I never did find reliable sermon groups to work faith up, and even if I had it would have been rough lol.
  10. wow, fast research lol. thanks for the information. I really wonder if the difference in the messages means anything then.
  11. Maybe the results lines that do not mention "traces" are skill check failures, kinda like dowsing failures giving no info?
  12. Nippy Sermons

    Just wondering if there is any way my priest alt Velmag can be added to the mansion and/or inn writs..... it seems when I logged in today I was booted out of the mansion, and into the airtight animal pens lol. Currently trapped in the enclosure. If not, I will try to be on for the next sermon, and logout outside the house.
  13. Nippy Sermons

    OK, my Mag priest is logged out in the Nippy Inn, if there will be a sermon this weekend. Let me know!
  14. I actually own 2 venerable fat hens, had the oldest of them for many, many months. They are both cared for however......