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  1. Debating this appears to be pointless and regardless of the intent the result is clear. the devs are encouraging player aggresion on PVE servers. There are no longer any printed deterents to someone making a mess of the area around someones deed. I cannot tolerarate logging in every day to see if a mess has been made. For 5 yrs now i have supported Wurm because it gave me a peacefull place to build, but these changes move the game in a direction I dont wish to follow. I am going to disband 2 10x deeds, downsize 2 others to minimums, fire 3 deed guards, and cancel premium. I will sit back and watch as a FTP, hoping that someday Freedom returns to non aggresive.
  2. I voted no, the reason being that before the decay fixes this past year this was not happening. For almost 5 years now i have, at the 1st of every month repared all items and fences when needed. Every month the damage to both items and offdeed fences has been very consistant on 4 different deeds with a few very rare exceptions taking massive damage. Now, as mentioned, damage is all over the place on everything, including fences, with many lost items. Before I would want to see a fixed downtime I think a good look needs to be taken at the fixes that were done, to discover what changed to cause it.
  3. I voted no, fractured populations leads to no where but drama and aggresion on the forums, which is harmful pr for wurm.
  4. Being able to create whatever i can imagine in a peaceful environment.
  5. This thread was made to understand how respect and consideration for each of us is to be enforced. It is as much a concern for the ftp players as it is for deed holders. In the past, prior to enclosures the community was small enough and considerate enough, as Hussar pointed out, that very few people even attemted to encroach on anothers area whether it was deed perim or a ftp just getting started. That has changed dramatically in the past year or so. Four times in the past year I have had to call in a Gm, 0 times in the 4 prior to it. No friend I know is going to get upset with a noob that takes trees for a cart, or plants a pumkin to get started, and all freely offer them all the help they need. The problem is poor personal interpetations of the rules given by ca's, and with vets that have no respect or regard for thier neighbors area. With the FCC and the enclosure rule gone, which by the way i agee with, the only thing left to keep aggresive players in check are the GM's, who in my experience have always done a great job. Problem is now its all subjective, neither they nor the players have printed guidlines to follow. In my opinion, with the coming cases the first question to be asked should be is the accused in anothers area showing respect and consideration in what he is doing, thats easy to identify and cant be negotiated or lied around. That is the priciple freedom grew on. If you go back far enough, the new deed system when introduced, states perims are useable by anyone to farm or harvest from, and that protects the noobs from many bad experiences. No way do i believe that it was ever intended as a shield for players to go in and clear cut or strip dirt from anothers area. We dont need grief wars on freedom, nor does Enki need a never ending stream of complaints forwarded to him from players unsatisfied with a gm ruling. We need assurance that something better is coming along to keep freedom peaceful and non aggressive whether it be concise guidelines or coded protections. Inviting a large number of new players into a freedom grief war situation will not help Wurm's cause. The problem is not so much the use of land or who ownes or does not own it, but the removal or destruction of it, and how the players playing on it are treated. The saying, deed it or lose it, has no place on a peaceful freedom, a non aggressive server that depends on ftp to grow.
  6. The FCC needed to go, it was being translated too poorly by too many players and ca's, causing new players to do too many things any vet would know better than to do. What we need now is assurances that it is being replaced with things that will keep the freedom cluster peaceful and non aggresive so that it can continue to pull in players like it has in the past.
  7. Define what a huge free offdeed enclosure is, then prohibite them. If perims are too big for the game to handle then limit them to deed size. To infer thats its ok to allow blanket destruction to perims that are all attached to wurm income seems to me like a destructive course to be following.
  8. Certainly building and enclosers should be protected on perims. there isnt a perim tile that isnt attached to a paid for deed, nor can anyone but the deed holders use that land for anything but destruction. That being said, the game itself needs to add either coding or a line of text to the rules stating that the outside tile of perim may not be blocked to ensure passage rights. What started out as a way to eliminate huge free undeeded enclosures got twisted into a lets grief paying players perimeters crusade. Seems that the timid aggessive players need somewhere to go besides pvp, why not give them thier own server instead of destroying the freedom concept that has been steadily pulling in players for the past 5 years. Since huge enclosures have never been defined, if perims are getting too big for the game to deal with, then limit thier size based on deed size, for exaple size 10 deed, max 10 perim.
  9. No Gorgon it has never been acceptible to destroy an area around another player on freedom and even after next week there is still a rule protecting against this, On freedom spoiling anothers play experience is not allowed. Aggresive behavior is not for the freedom cluster, those wishing to be aggressive should take it to the pvp servers where it belongs. This thead is asking the devs how they are going to control behavior on freedom. If you want the core of freedom changed then please, feel free to start a new thread on the topic.
  10. Good topic Alec I think its too soon to judge its effectiveness, but recent events show that something is needed to get the staff and community on the same page. It is easy to see that it could definately serve a worthwhile function. As long as its dev monitored and its function is to filter info, and pass along player needs it could save huge amounts of time for the dev team. I think they should be picked by the devs and i think thier identity should remain concealed, just to eliminate the name calling and drama. In the end the devs call all the shots. I see a commitee as just a time saving tool for them, and after a period of time it will become clear to all if its working or not. If they choose carefully and represent all play styles proportianately to the amount of players using those styles it could be a great success.
  11. Lets get this thread back on topic, Sierra ty for your reply but its not about how a dev will respond to a call. Nor is about what perims are for or who owns them, there are other threads for those topics. This thread is about what is it wrong to do, not whether or not a lie told by a griefer can be proven or not. The first question is can perimeters and even the area around a ftp be defaced or destroyed. leaving them setting in the middle of a mess ? What is the point of picking a beautiful spot and placing a deed if next week you could find yourself setting in the middle of a mess created by a jerk Next question is, what is wurm going to do to give players the security they need to eliminate the need for all the fencing and drama in the first place. Four years ago there was little if any need for fences to keep aggresive behavior away. Fences were for containing livestock. I pay to play on peaceful non aggresive server, many of us have litte if any desire to pay to be in an aggresive environment. If we did we would move to a pvp server. The fcc and the encloser rule both needed to go, not because they were bad for for freedom, but because they conflicted with each other allowing widely different opinions both among players and among staff, which in turn led to large amounts of misiformation being given to new players getting them in trouble. The rule at the end of the first paragraph on the rules page is very clear, no player is allowed to spoil anothers play experience, but enforcing it on its own now is going to be a far harder job than it was when the fcc and enclosure rules were in place. What we need now is confirmation that something better is coming to put an end to this destructive drama both on the forums and in game, and give peace of mind back to the freedom players so that it will stop. There are few deed owners on the freedom cluster that wont be upset or worse when aggressive behavior or destruction touches them, and at least as many others that will not pay to be on a ruleless server. The drops in prems are already showing on the graphs, coincedence ? Maybe, but i rather doubt it.
  12. The only applicable rule left is this: Game Rules These apply to all servers. "Wurm is a complex game that attracts many different kinds of players with different reasons for playing. The Wurm Rules are written to help keep this game running as smoothly as possible, while allowing players the freedom to play the game in a way they would like without spoiling the experience for others." And that taken from the game rule page says it all. The freedom cluster was designed as a play nice and be considerate server, and for the first cpl years i was on freedom the fcc did an excellent job of enforcing the peace, you either left your neighbors area alone or you dealt with Enki. Then wurm grew and the enclosure rule was added as reinforcment to the fcc, the unintended offshoot of this was it created grey areas so fences sprang up everywhere, because rumor said if it wasnt fenced it was fair game perimeter or not. Now wurm has grown some more and even more fences have been put up and no one is happy. Fcc, and the enclosure rule are both being removed, but the first rule is still standing. So does this mean that if someone rolls up to our deeds and clearcuts our perim, spoiling our day, is that griefing ? How about if they haul off sev k of dirt, is that griefing, because by the definition of the first rule it states that it is.. Reasons given for the new changes were to make it easier on the staff, and frankly i dont see that happening without adding perim terraforming, mining and woodcutting permissions to the deed form. That not only would go a long way toward easing the coming dev load it would avoid much of the conflict before it happened, and provide a good reason to remove many of the fences that will stay without some form of protection besides everyones opinion of what griefing is. A great many players in wurm today still havent read the rules. I could count on one hand the number of times in 5 years i have seen a player deliberatly block anothers path to his deed, but if that is an issue then add a 1 tile kings land to deeds or code in min distance between perims for any new deeds. Mostly what im seeing is a large number of players assuming that perims are going to be free game for griefers, I have seen no announcement from Rolf stating this, nor have i seen any where in the rules that perim is public land to be defaced or destroyed at will. Sure losing something you leave laying loose is expected but deforming the land is not. It has been stated that the enclosure rule is going, not that anyone has the right to ruin anothers day. The recent changes were aimed at non paid for huge enclosures (which by the way has never been defined) but it seems perims have become the culprit, taking the brunt of the targeting. Free enclosures in the wild will be little affected, as they have nothing to lose. They will either replace the fences far faster than one can destroy them or move to another area. I find it hard to believe that the dev team intended to make it possible to leave deeds setting in the middle of a wasteland created by a player who is bored or covets his neighbors perim dirt. Many players are expecting this to happen, with more than a few looking forward to the carnage they can do. Staff clarification or permission changes would be appreciiated to clear this up. Deed owners on freedom need some peace of mind returned to them, so they stay deed owners. We need more reasons to take fences down, not more reasons to put them up.
  13. In the live stream Rolf shows some concern over the lag and the size of the instance. Watching Wurm grow it is apparent that four very different playstyles have emerged. PVP pure, PVP epic, PVE hardcore, and pve safe. This looks like a great opportunity to serve more with less. Instead of a huge server, divide it into four pieces. One for pve hardcore, abundant large mobs, harsher terrain and other make it hard on player things. One for pve light, spiders and smaller mobs, or no aggroes, a place just to go build. One for hunting, and one in reserve. All with same rules, just different flavors to please more types of players, why needlessly make one player type suffer to please another. A major failing of wurm to me is that players with no interest in hunting are in the same environment as the player with max everything, leaving neither the proper thing to hunt. I would start with a pve safe as it would give new players a much safer place to grow to love Wurm, and perhaps slow down the start and quit trend. We need those new players. Sure i see the new player posts saying they enjoy the danger, what we never see are the posts from the hundreds that just quit over them without posting.. I would then follow with a hardcore pve then a hunting server if needed. As only Rolf has the true statistics I trust that he knows better than I, if and when this idea would make sense.
  14. Road Suggestion. Have Head Gm appoint and dismiss volunteer Pavers as needed, and Wurm compensate them as needed. Staff would provide them a set of guidlines to follow, and set thier limit of authority. The Paver would be responsible for paving surfaces, after a road is built and appoved buy those in the area and the Paver. Gm's would handle unresolvable disputes. His/Her paving would be indestructable except by a Paver or Gm. Players would request a Paver during road construction. Spent months building a road without deed approval, sorry not appoved, it will remain unprotected. The problem has never been the lack of roads being built, it has been obsolete roads, roads built by players inconsiderate of local deeds, and roads destroyed by griefers just for fun. I think this would address all issues. If a player desires and enjoys the job I belive they would be careful to keep it. The FCC provides a basic protection to all players, this would reinforce that, and over time all important roads would become secured. We all know that gm approved roads would be wonderful but lets face it, that would be a never ending job for them that would pull them from things we really need them for. This, to me, puts the burden of courtesy on the road builders. Perhaps this is not doable but will spark a better idea.