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  1. Excellent event today at the Arena. It had RP, Lore, and lots of good combat. It was a lot of fun and as always, many thanks to Kaylie and Valiance for there efforts. Greensteel
  2. combined them into 3 pieces and sent, Thank you Gavias
  3. i will take 8s, Traveler
  4. 4s is not near enough sorry Kurson
  5. sent Aaron and thank you
  6. i will do 6s Aaron
  7. Sent Rocklobstar and thank you
  8. yeah 1s will work Matholameu
  9. Sent Legios and thank you again
  10. Matholameu, I cant mail the spyglass Toolhead, i would like at least 2s for the steel lump
  11. Sent, Legios, and ty
  12. Selling each lot. make me an offer, mail or pick up only. Located on Xanadu at 7247, -2778 1. 12 rift stone shards 33.6ql 2.sold 37 rift wood average 45ql 3. sold 87 rift crystals 35.8ql 4. rare hammer 88ql coc49 woa81 5.sold rare iron pickaxe 90ql coc84 woa79 -10% ql rune 6.sold rare huge axe 83.8ql N84 LT81 COC80 MS77 7. sold rare hatchet 4ql 8. supreme chain pants 39ql 9. 4 potions of mining 73,75,93,95 10. 2 crystal runes of Vynora, bronze- wind speed 7.5% vehicle speed 5% 17ql and 20ql 11. 54kg rare steel lump 1dmg 90.9ql 12. sold rare two handed sword 88.9ql dragons demise N86 LT85 COC74 MS92 13. sold human skull shoulder pads 50ql 14 sold Dragon shoulder pads, steel 75ql 15. Exquisite shoulder pads, leather 75ql 16. spy glass 70ql 17. spy glass 70ql 18. 9,900ql gems 19. rare forge 61ql 20.sold large magical chest- no dmg 21. 24 sleep powders
  13. This was a great event and even though I was slain by a powerful ogre, I had a lot of fun. I am looking forward to the next event like this. Well Done!
  14. I am really enjoying this server, good people, fun events , and a good challenge.