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  1. It's beyond bizarre to me working on VR support is something that is seen as a priority when there are MUCH more important areas of the game development that can enhance the play experience enjoyment for all players not just those with VR equipment. Especially considering we're nearly in September and we're yet to see any real work on fixing May's update. I just cannot see the logic behind this choice. I love this game and have hyped it up and equally been critical of it over the past 15+yrs of playing. Right now though I have never felt greater concern for the choices being made for this game and it's future development. Disappointing.
  2. Lunalong 2020

    I hope people are ready for the fashion show tomorrow at 7pm AEST. We've got some great prizes and great laughs to be had!
  3. I narrated Madnath's moving tale.
  4. Can't wait to sink my teeth into this! Honestly having this kind of understanding will really help identify areas where suggestions can be made. Looking forward to seeing the stream as well!!
  5. YouTube took down my bull milking tutorial.
  6. This is specifically designed to be a tutorial for NEW players to Wurm Online. With the new release on Steam, I've seen a major need for a new player guide for some really important basic stuff that the tutorial really doesn't cover fully. Or should be elaborated on to help give people a slightly better understanding. Hopefully this succeeds in address this - at-least a little. Please share with any new players who you find struggling, especially in the actual tutorial (as I've witnessed in game)
  7. Unfortunately I have to do my IRL job during the day Wednesday so I don't have my flexibility for streams. However if you'd like to watch back the VoD you can see it below:
  8. You're all terrible and I love it.
  9. Hi all, it's time for one last stream event before the new servers take over everyone's attention! The event will be of course taking place at the Factional Fight Brother's Puzzle Labyrinth on Xanadu just north of Vrock's Landing at G-14, (I'll post some screenshots of the location below) This is a great opportunity for any player who has never never had the chance to acquire one of the coolest and most unique items in the game - the Goblin King's Crystal Ball! Or simply just a good excuse for players to come along on alts to gather more in a social setting. You will be accompanying myself and all other attending players in a chaotic race to the center of the labyrinth boradcast live on Twitch. However not just that there will be also a Wurm Fashion show! Where players will be putting on their Wednesday Best to show off their creative and asethic sides with a top prize of 10s to the winner, and 5s for the runner up and 5s to the crowd favourite! So tune into BloodyDrongo on Twitch Wednesday 22nd at 7pm AEST for all the madness. https://www.twitch.tv/bloodydrongo Location:
  10. I also just want to take a moment and express my deep appreciation for this games amazing community. I've been playing Wurm for over 15yrs now and to have so many people tune in tonight and raise the bar yet again for highlights for my time in this game is truly something special. Thank-you. See you all for Wurm Wednesday at the same time next week!!
  11. Congrats to our winner Snowmantis!!! Your attention to detail and cozy cabin really stole the show tonight on stream. Let me know what account you'll be CODing me from (Send to Emoo please)
  12. Reminder guys that we're at just 26hrs before the event. Make sure you get your screenshots posted in this thread for your chance to win a rare awl and 10s!!
  13. Please no, I have to manually input them into a spreadsheet....have mercy!!!
  14. --- Hi everyone! To celebrate hitting 2,000 followers on Twitch we are holding a special episode of Wurm Wednesday on the 20th of May, 7pm GMT10+ over on Twitch. This will involve a whole bunch of fun giveaways, the winners of which will be announced on the night! --- The Giveaways will include: 1 Gold total in Ingame currency 3 Premium game keys of 30days 1 Drake Set Rare Tools Enchant Vouchers MORE! How can you enter? There will be 3 type of prizes drawn on the night. Those will be live key word giveaways, points giveaways and the screenshot giveaway! For the live key word giveaways during the stream you will be given "key words" which you'll need to type into the chat which will effectively be your raffle ticket prize to enter that specific prize - there will be multiple of these on the night. All you need to be eligible to enter in these is have a Twitch account and be able to type in the key word when given. For Point giveaways, from now until the draw you will be able to spend accrued "Emu Points" on raffle tickets which are redeemed through Twitch chat at any time (even when the stream is offline!) The idea behind this is to allow people who watch the stream but might not be able to make the night have a chance to win something fun. "Emu Points" are earned through watching the stream, you can enter as many times into each raffle as you like. These entry's will then be put into a numbered spread sheet which I'll then do an ingame /random roll to select a winner for live during the stream. If you're unfamiliar on how you can spend any of your "Emu Points" I've included some pictures below: For the Screenshot giveaway, I'm so excited to get this all done, I wanna get started now. As such I want you to all capture "Wurm made Cozy" in a screenshot and post it in this thread! Then on live on the stream we will choose our favorite screenshot based on the aesthetics, creativity and coziness. The person who manages to capture the essence of Wurm Coziness best will win a rare awl and 10s! (I've got some extra prizes for runners up too) Where can I watch and what will I be watching? You can find the stream in the spoiler link below. We will be going live at 7pm GMT10+ the Wurm Wednesday stream is an independently produced stream on Twitch where we discuss the Wurm Online experience, updates, showcase village builds and share our mutual love for this game. On the night we will be checking out a very special Village build, talking about some of the other wonderful content creators in the community and of course the Giveaways. Please note that Wurm Wednesday is for mature audiences. I hope to see a bunch of you there. This amazing community has formed the bedrock of my streaming audience and I'm looking forward to being able to give back and share some fun times with you all!!!
  15. Are you sure that's not him paying for an add to display to people on FB? Looking at his social media he has a tiny presence so I don't see where the value would come from for a paid advertisement.
  16. For anyone who has a spare 4hrs (lol) we covered off all of the new updates on our Wurm Wednesday stream on Twitch. The good and bad aspects, the impacts and what needs to be done from here and what needs to be tweaked. Feedback and thoughts are welcome, cheers!