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  1. Lunalong 2019

    Can't wait for next year, thanks Dracaa and everyone who helped the event happen
  2. Lunalong 2019

    A huge thankyou to @Dracaafor hosting such and amazing event and for putting together such a beautiful venue for the Fashion Show this year! Had a wonderful time, thanks to the Wurm team for throwing some Prem codes our way to giveaway and @MacOoferfor coming on last min as a judge. And most of all a huge thankyou to all the people who tuned in and participated, wouldn't have happened without you. On of our highlights from the night. l If you'd like to watch the full VOD you can find it here (We arrive at the Lunalong at 1:17:00):
  3. We're currently live with episode two right now of Jackal adventures, we'll be planting a deed tonight as I team up with the ever flexing Fabricant!
  4. Thanks everyone for taggin along for what was a stream of new and exciting adventure. You can watch all the action in the video below if you missed out:
  5. Hey folks! With the release of the new content tonight on Indie I would formally like to invite you all to watch all the action unfold live as I explore this new adventure with @Retrograde! Join us as we battle with the hordes of other keen adventurers to defeat the rift and then take the fight to them in a never before seen experience. See this link for countdown timer: Where can you watch this all happening? Over on Twitch, check out the spoiler window below to find the channel below! I can hear some of you saying; "Drongo, this timing sucks I can't watch live!" Well you're in luck, you can watch the VOD after the stream at this link in the spoiler window below (I've updated it now!) I hope to see you all there, much love ya'll!
  6. No pulling the wool over your eyes. The conspiracy has been revealed!
  7. There's been abit of a delay (I had to wait until my day job would let me take time off) but it's time to celebrate hitting 1,000 followers on Twitch you all! So we're celebrating the whole week starting from the 28th on Terraria Tuesday and ending on Sunday with Rimworld but importantly for you all we're having a special Wurm event! A Drunkalong! What is a Drunkalong and what are we doing? Well the event will be hosted the Indie server starting at 7pm GMT10+ feature a bunch of small events in-game such as a treasure hunt, wave assault and races; some assisted by the wonderful Wurm Team. Plus it will involve a ton of giveaways peaking with our grand prize of the winners choice of 50s OR a $50 steam giftcard. One of the fun events for this will be will be where the event gets it's name. Twitch chat (aka you guys!) will have the opportunity to be mixing my cocktails which randomly selected viewers will choose an ingredient to put in the glass, so make sure to drop by and make sure my next beverage is finished to perfection, or becomes a monstrosity. Finally I will also have a big announcement for a new kind of special event for Wurm Online which will be revealed on the night! You can watch all this live and get involved on the Twitch channel link below: The location where this all goes down is my new deed called "Builder Battles" at M,24 on the ingame map for Indie. Find a map of where to park your boat and how to navigate there below: I've been playing Wurm for over 13-14yrs now, I started Twitch streaming Wurm and as a result the community here means and immense amount to me so I really hope you can come and join what is sure to be a super fun event. Find the event countdown timer below:
  8. For anyone who missed the stream you can find the VOD here. We get onto the test server around 38mins Enjoy!!!
  9. Dem Capes!

    I'm surely not going to be the only one trolled by the fact it's an image with a play symbol....
  10. Late notice I know but things have come together quite late in the day. Wurm Wednesday will be live in 1hr, tonight we'll be live streaming a visit to the test server to see what's on the Horizen! Come check it out. Plus I'll have some other Wurm related announcements to bring to the table soon so make sure to stay tuned to this thread!
  11. Goblin Leader party

    I will be there
  12. I really like the idea of having a way of a person sending something to have a way of tracking that - what item is sent to who and how long it has been outstanding. and potentially the ability to recall for longer. This would also help solve accidentally mailing something to the wrong player due to spelling errors etc. Honestly I'm a cronic bad buyer, I don't have enough time in IRL to devote anywhere as much time to Wurm as I'd like and im very likely to get caught up and forget about something relitively minor - such as a small purchase on Wurm. It's very easy for me to log out from Wurm and sometimes find myself not able to log back in until the following week sometimes. This is something I am sorry for but also something that is unlikely to change unfortunately. I'd imagine I'm not the only one in a similar boat in this respect. Sellers also need to consider their buyers aswell, everyone's playtime and ability to relate with the game is different. So that's my two cents, +1 to more control and information for mailers and -1 to name and shame type stuff because it's calling out behaviour that is exceptionally unlikely to malicious.
  13. These Enki-counters do seem like fun. It's on my Wurm bucket list to one day be visited by such an oddity.
  14. What a dope stream tonight, congrats to ALL of our winners, not just for the smoke of Sol but everything else. Also, see below for the kind of antics @Fabricantbrings to the Wurm Streams. The mad lad can't help but get moving when the DJ plays a banger
  15. I hope everyone is well stocked on beer, it's gunna be a good one!
  16. Join me this coming Wurm Wednesday for a very special episode (20th Feb starting 7pm GMT10+) where we will be doing our first ever Wurm bar crawl on Indie! What will this all involve? Well I'm glad you asked! Meeting at k25 on Indie YOU are invited to come along on the journey of drunkenness and laughter as we experience a truly odd Wurm Adventure Tons of small fun giveaways over the course of the stream! Special guests on the stream to help keep you all entertained and hopefully keep Drongo in check! A HUGE giveaway of one charge of a Smoke of Sol, all you need to do to enter is be watching and have a Twitch account to type in the chat when the type word is given for the raffle! Premium drunken Drongo fun A super sekret major surprise announcement on the evening of ANOTHER major event Drongo readying his beer stein for heavy action! I do need your help though! I need deed holders on Indie, or travelers who are familiar or have bars, inns and taverns to post the co-ords on the map below of where some premium locations we can visit and perhaps a brief description of where specifically! I promise that myself and my fellow bar crawlers are well mannered (kinda) and we all tip well. So please make sure we visit your hard worked on drinking establishments and highlight them on the stream. Any other suggestions for the evening are welcome and I look forward to seeing you all soon. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VXUlm1dnPAy4mcp7-thzVoPcrJaN4Rv8/view This is where where you can catch the stream if you're not familiar:
  17. Probably the single greatest post on these forums ever posted. Just sayin.
  18. Best of luck mate
  19. Hey folks! With the end of the year just around the corner I've spent quite some time on reflecting on what, for me atleast has been one of the most interesting and exciting years (Both inside of the game and out.) One of the first things and probably most relevant to the Wurm Online community is the founding of the Valrei Entertainment Network (https://www.wurmonline.com/valrei-entertainment-network/)which essentially is a group that is supported by Wurm's PR team and Devs, to help build up the viewership of Wurm. This works on principal of engaging the existing players plus bringing new players along with spreading the word about Wurm though variety streamers. At the start of this year, without the FF brothers streaming regularly there really wasn't a huge amount of viewership and interest in Wurm Streams. There was a small handful bringing in maybe half a dozen viewers at the peak so shout out to you guys (Minnasulus is probs the one for me who springs to mind first). Looking back at this though now and seeing how much the stream viewership for Wurm players has grown is crazy. With some streams peaking out at 70+ concurrent viewers and the Wurm Online climbing more than 2000k spots on Twitch for most watched games. It's clear to see that there is a demand for content has increased but not just that with more people streaming and sharing ideas. Plus the Wurm team getting involved, the quality of the streams overall has increased by a huge amount. I'm really proud to be part of this whole thing and I'm excited to see what next year brings for VEN and Wurm streaming. Now the next thing I've spent a huge amount of thinking about lately is just how much new content and stuff has come out for Wurm this year. Honestly some of the biggest fixes and updates for the game have come out this year and it's really exciting to see things being worked on with real vigor and honestly in a way that makes sense in a more overall game sense. Budda, Saroman, Samool (<3), Sindusk and all the other devs have done a terrific job working tirelessly to keep this game chugging along and now coming up to either my 13th or so year of playing. I can say with complete honesty there has not been a time in Wurm's past that has made me quite as excited to play as it does now. Plus a big upside is that one of my biggest gripes with the game (personal goals) is on the way out so YAY! Finally on a personal note, as some of you might know, this year I started streaming. With the couple of test streams in February and picking it up more seriously in March with a schedule (Including Wurm Wednesday!). I really feel as though I've found something I am really passionate about and enjoy. When I started i set a goal of 50 followers a month, considering now I'm just shy of 800 at the time of this post. It's safe to say I achieved my little goal and had soooo much fun and made tons of friends along the way. A big part of that has been as a part of and with the Wurm Community so thankyou, so much. One of the true highlights of this was earlier this month doing a fundraiser for a Organisation called "WIRES" which rescue and rehabilitate native Australian wildlife. Thanks to the generous viewers of the streams, we managed to raise between all of us $1300 which is pretty amazing. Being able to do something I enjoy to do good things for the stuff I'm passionate about (Eg animals) is a truly wonderful feeling. This year has been without a joke, one of the best of my life. I've managed to make good progress in a professional sense in my RL job, I've met an amazing gal and I've also spent a huge amount of time an energy channeling into my streaming hobby. I'm fitter and happier than I've ever been and my creative side is satisfied. Whilst I feel like I'm now so busy I barely have time to do everything I want, I ultimately am genuinely excited for what 2019 will throw my way. To everyone reading this, whether you're a friend, passing acquaintance or an enemy; I genuinely wish you all the best for 2019 and I hope you reach your own goals. If you'd like to watch a recap of the best bits of 2018 Streaming from my perspective:
  20. Join me tonight from 8pm (11hours from now) for a very special Christmas Wurm stream! Heaps of Christmas presents (If you've been a good little Wurmian!) and grab some drinks because it's going to a be a very jolly night! MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!