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  1. Steam WO

    All the info you want to know and reading material for several good hours!
  2. "Trick or treat? I'll take some Halloween scritches" - Catula, the vampire cat
  3. I found the band about 3 days ago, and I instantly fell in love, it was this song I have first heard with them. They are a Gothic Rock band, although I find them to be more Rock - Folk than Gothic, but they're great. What amazes me is not only the public's reaction (I do not believe I have heard before so much interaction between a band and its audience), but also the fact they sound as good live as in studio. There is also an official video for this song, with the collaboration of another two Gothic Rock band lead vocals (Lord of The Lost and Lacrimosa) and a known actor/musician from Germany, Joachim Witt. I'm sure @Malenawould like this! And because we're at it (I'll stop after this, I promise!), here's a studio song of them, for comparison with live performances:
  4. For all qwertyuiop wurmians, who think a keyboard is more appropriate for a nap than a soft, comfy pillow!
  5. My favourite chore: going to check on my nanimals when I log in, horses and champs of all sort My least favourite: .. oh, dear, where should I start? Perhaps repairing the insane amount of decay on deed on almost anything that is not nailed down; by the time I finish everything, I have to start over, because first things repaired already took damage again.
  6. Perhaps try logging out for /lotime? I tried to modifiy a role and it worked perfectly for me.
  7. Send a pm to Budda on forum, or e-mail him.
  8. @Damascus I doubt shutting down existing servers and relocating their residents to make space for expected new ones would lead to anything good. Besides, @Rolf promised to us no server will be removed as long as even one single player is still playing there, and I trust his word. You do not try to get new customers by chasing away the long term ones, and it was already said in this thread, in Rolf's answers, there are means to cover the existence of a new server, so best to just focus on the main talk here, Wurm taking over Steam! Gnome army, attack!
  9. Switched my Shares

    I'm pretty sure the said "known individuals" and all the banned people, their friends, relatives and family hens are High end people >.> (not that they ended high kicked from Wurm for not so high end behaviour!)
  10. There is a WSA announcement in game, they're bugged and will be fixed on the next update.
  11. Congrats, Martynas I believe you're the first and only Arachne we have ! I hope you already have a perfect title in mind!
  12. Buying an already "reputable" account and some end level gear will absolutely spoil the game purpose; Wurm isn't a game where a drake set or an epic level weapon matter, Wurm is a game about self accomplisment, about being proud for what you did or what you make on your own, the joy to reach a certain level in a skill, the hapiness to turn something rare and see its shine. If you use money and buy everything, you will soon get bored and quit, because you "played" the game without playing it and got everything a player gets after a lot of hard work. I wish you good luck anyway, but a reputation isn't bought, either in real life or in Wurm, a reputation is built over time through what you do and how you act, you earn it yourself, can't hire someone to bring it to you.
  13. Wow, this pic! Awesome! Is like a red eyelid closing over a tired eye hiding a world inside! Absolutely love it
  14. Buuut .. "many MMOS" which have Wurm-like features do not have all the features offered here, rather one or two of them, and very poor implemented. (Let me give you only one example: riding. From the old Oblivion (and the entire Elder Scrolls franchise) to the newly Animallica (in early access) games, you can ride and "have" horses. It is a painful, hurtful, traumatic experience, your horse is horrible hard to command, you cannot do anything while mounted, you cannot breed your horses, you cannot gear them (unless you call "gearing" paying a stable owner to throw something on your horse, which you have no control on) and generally you cannot interact at all with your horse, a not so nice designed pixelated animal with weird anatomy or dead fish looking eyes. On the other hand, in Wurm riding is a pleasurable experience, you can do 101 things (and some others I forgot about) while mounted, you can breed your horses until your deed ratio falls bellow the sea level, you have a lot of things to put on them, for look, speed, protection, different looking and, oh yes!, some dyeable gear now, you can groom, tame, fsb a horse, give a nickname to your nanimal, your horse goes through different life stages, it can be cared for, hitched, transported over seas, as for the design, what is more to say than look at those many colours!! look at the thread with screenies of new born baby horses!! Please note that riding a horse is ONE thing you can do in Wurm, and it comes boxed with so many things tied to it, you rapidily lose count of them! Add to that that each and every of those things is also boxed with so many things, which are boxed with so many things, which ...) I'll rest my case here. I am sure most of us played a lot of other MMOS. Listing what unique things you can do in Wurm means you can do all of them in the same game, not in 20-30 different games put all together, and even so you wouldn't cover all the options you have in Wurm. Wurm is so complex, it doesn't have any "competitor". Nor will it have one in the near or not so near future, considering the trend in gaming industry, which seems to be pulling us back to the late '90s - early 00s, with simplistic, lifeless graphics, basic features, linear and short stories, "go there, kill 5 bandits, bring back their house goblins as proof" quests and 3-6 months of playing time (6 months, riiiight! .. but I felt so generous). Wurm is so complex that it turns out to be another life on its own. Boring, less appealing, annoying, frustrating, yet so much of your own in its full splendour, glory, hopefulness and joy. Enjoy it while it lasts and get the best out of it while you can. What unique things can you do in Wurm?.. How about tell Nessie a joke and make it laugh out loud?
  15. Usually that happens when the game considers you are not close enough to the vehicle. Make a step or two closer, and dragging into your inventory should work.
  16. https://www.godsmack.com/scarsfoundation
  17. It happened to me several months ago as well, with my Fo priest, who was member of another deed, and couldn't charm on my deed under any conditions, despite having same full permission since forever. Eventually I had the Fo priest joining my deed to be able to charm animals on deed, and kept her as villager ever since, but is a workaround which cannot always be used.