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  1. I'm trying hard to like the new fishing system, but .. I find it overly complicated, is a game in itself. Maybe idling all the way from 1 to 100 in one skill wasn't the way to go, but right now, if I find myself somehow busy irl, there is no more activity I can do while semi-afk'ing. Moreover, if I want to go on a serious fishing grind, I need to start preparations 3 days prior and make sure I gather all sort of dozen baits, dozen floats, dozen reels, dozen .. what else is to be put together for a fishing expedition. And like that isn't enough, all that stuff doesn't have a proper place to be stored to prevent decay and there's no way to log out with your tackle box in inventory without coming back to smelly rotten bait. And while I like the idea of a bit more interactivity for a skill, right now fishing - with one of the least used subproducts in game (how many food recipes are using fish and how many people are ever mass cooking anything else than pizza, bangers and mash and perhaps herb dumplings) - fishing is the most time consuming activity one could think of.
  2. I swear that isn't the server hamster ..
  3. Unfortunately, saddle sacks/bags were never intended to be a cheap, smaller version of a magic chest; a fix happened some time ago, when food decay was added to food items stored inside, and now the decay will have full rights as everywhere else. There was a sort of *urban legend* among players that only - and only - food items will take decay (after the previous fix), but was never - and nowhere - stated saddle sacks/bags will prevent decay like inventory, a magic chest or a merchant does.
  4. Thank you very much for all the drake fragments, Master Fragmented Kurois!! Was nice to do business with you
  5. Grooming brush to me, please, thank you
  6. Let's just don't consider food as decorative unless is placed on top of a magic chest, and everything would be perfect in the best world possible!
  7. Incredible sad news! Gone, but never forgotten, Tich will always live in our hearts and memories; she became a part of Wurm, the same Wurm was a part of her life in all these years. RIP, Tich!
  8. If you and the player are not friended/in a team, the stuff in your house is technically still "yours"; you have to either go a bit away, friend/team up with the player/add him to house permissions.
  9. Yesss .. the black silver pony, pretty please!! and many others, actually replacing "old" colour with some more fancy ones would be a nice idea (just stay away from my white horses!! )
  10. New wood types! And some new clothes .. will we EVER get some decent trousers and maybe skirts too? Nuns don't wear bouffant pants ?
  11. Pottery flowerpot and beer stein to Evening, please; thank you
  12. Damage

    Just found this in my chicken coop Trying to examine the flowerpot results in neverending refreshing. Pristine, Rosenrot deed, KFC coop building. And no, that's not Kentucky Fried Chickens, that's Keeping Fluffy Chickens! Update: server reboot today made the flowerpot to vanish.
  13. Actually, that area was deeded by Pakawala, and after that by Sharkin (and by many others) long before you put that sign there. For some reasons, Sharkin's deed fell, but now he returned to the game; your "public mine" occured while the deed was down, and yes, anyone can go anywhere on an undeeded area and deed over it. Maybe for same reasons you built a fence along the water and closed land access to that "public area'' with a "public mine" for everyone trying to get to south? Pristine is a nice, friendly server, with the greatest community in game; I believe is better to try and contact your neighbours and discuss your issues with them before rushing to forums to shame them, no matter the reasons.
  14. I'll supply the food, as usual, nobody complained yet about my cooking abilities
  15. Reported here, waiting to be fixed