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  1. I should have formulated that question better. How is the first GM set? By a server command? The first player to log in? Rolf is personaly logging on to my server to set it....?
  2. Can these commands be run from a file using the exec command? If we can it should be quite simple to write a small program to copy a character from WO to WU.
  3. Hamburg, Animal Sanctuary and Rotgut Ridge have disbanded, Bergheim has been founded where Rotgut was.
  4. You can get past it by reducing youre security setting in java. If you want to do this it is up to you. - Tilon
  5. Are they dangerous? Just asking because hes currently standing in the middle of my deed (Villa Sabynka). - Tilon
  6. Hi Im Tilon and am the founder of Villa Sabynka. Theres not much i can contribute with atm but if theres is anything ill try to help out in any way I can. PS. Just want to say thanks to all the people who answers my newb questions.