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  1. Hi wondering if you can make me some bow string like 10 send it to Daddyrage ty
  2. I'm guessing bridges aren't going to happen, if the last update was in 2019
  3. All get the QL 60 Sickle c63 (2.1s) send it to Daddyrage
  4. Hi all get the Sickle 51ql 72CoC 2s40c send it to Send to Daddyrage
  5. If you wanna sell this, you actually have to log in, and talk to people. I have a friend who has been trying to get a hold of you.
  6. sorry yes mixed flowers 100 pcs 1s ingame name DaddyRage
  7. Mixed Flowers (100 pcs) 1s. wondering how much if any you have in stock, know like to get least 1 order
  8. WTB Sickle with COC, coc least 50 or higher, just let me know.
  9. I'm not going to complain, but I tell you so many changes I need to learn!
  10. Didn't know you still played, thought you quit, very small world!
  11. all buy : send to unluckyone carving knife, 70 ql, 96 woa, 4.5 s chisel, iron, rare, 91 ql, 82 woa, 83 coc,15s
  12. Yeah looks pretty nice, so much dirt to fill the area out in the water.
  13. Yeah happens at times, but it does course come out perfect. I have also had that problem!
  14. Wish it had bridge models, but understand that's probably not a simple thing. Just wanted to say that I love this tool, glad you been updating it, its so awesome.
  15. Gino is a good player, he has spent bunch of money in this game, just like you guys. I guess he was going to buy it for 30 silver, from eyerobot then he saw a 1 poster say 40 silver (Extyrantx). It is very suspicious and I'm sure a practice that happens in this game. Making alt accounts to Raise the price of a auction Item. We don't really know it that is the case, but we really like to buy it from you, and close this thread. Its a very nice place and went over there and looked at it. No one is perfect and stuff happens. Hope you can work out a deal!