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  1. @warriorThanks for awesome shovel, question I have a dredge 61, is it possible to get it imped up too 80 and get woa like 80. No one answered but guess that woa on dredge would make it dig faster, just not sure if thats work on that tool
  2. Warrior dont even ask what i did with the last shovel, probably on the ground somewhere on our deed lol, buddy wondering if you can make me a quality 80 shovel with 80 WoA, have a awesome day or night ops send to Daddyrage
  3. Hi love to order a quality 70 shovel, with quality 70+ WOA please that be super awesome send it to DaddyRage
  4. Hi wondering if you can make and send it to daddyrage ty very much. 60ql dredge 50c
  5. Alright well just call it like it is, bridges are not going to happen, feel like there very important in design now, just have to use imaginary ones.
  6. Hi wondering if you can make me some bow string like 10 send it to Daddyrage ty
  7. I'm guessing bridges aren't going to happen, if the last update was in 2019
  8. Hi all get the Sickle 51ql 72CoC 2s40c send it to Send to Daddyrage
  9. If you wanna sell this, you actually have to log in, and talk to people. I have a friend who has been trying to get a hold of you.
  10. sorry yes mixed flowers 100 pcs 1s ingame name DaddyRage
  11. Mixed Flowers (100 pcs) 1s. wondering how much if any you have in stock, know like to get least 1 order
  12. WTB Sickle with COC, coc least 50 or higher, just let me know.