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  1. Will the single Player or Multiplayer versions go offline when you do, or does time still pass in game when your not playing? IE: can I leave it for a week and come back to the same state I left it in. How will this affect things like crop growth if so...As the game going offline whenever you do will mean crops and animals will take a lot of time in game to mature.
  2. I am looking to start up in elevation. Been a carebear too long. Character name is Grumpyoldman. ex desertion char. Not a new char. over 900 days old at least, But never had any pvp experience the whole time. Mainly due to a bad pc, exacerbated by being afraid to die for some reason. I'm over that... I have some mediocre skills, 70+ mining. 58 odd Weaponsmithing and a few others. so can probably contribute starter iron...mine tunnels or imp basic stuff for the real pro's to carry on with ;-) Moved to Xanadu when the desertion village went dormant, and now bored of Xanadu and as I have a decent pc for a change want to start on the pvp side. not on desertion where I will find an excuse not to go fighting... In case it wasn't clear...Looking for an active village to train me up in pvp.
  3. Allow us to pick sprouts from a horse or cart.
  4. Some people are complaining that we knew this was how it was before we priested...well bare in mind that the game changes. When I priested there was no need for 23 Body strength to load I find myself handicapped. Yes I have alts that can do it. but not everyone has. +1
  5. Supreme Dirt, Rockshards and sprout...all the good stuff.
  6. crabs!

    Nothing else to do while waiting lol
  7. crabs!

    And some test maps, portal map was one.
  8. crabs!

    And did i see tortoise?
  9. I voted more than Indy, but that should have a caveat....If the borders are opened sometime this month
  10. You are already seeing the results on Xanadu, with new players not even able to do basic things without having to bombard CA channel or freedom channel with questions. How do i make a mallet is one of those, somthing as simple as how do i chop a tree is now a CA help issue. I think some kind of hands on needs to be reimplemented here, although i do love the new tutorial, and think great work was done on it. It really does not give new players a basic survivabilty in a practical manner. I also think that some kind of check should be introduced to prevent new players skipping the tutorial. Perhaps having to provide the name of a current character before being able to teleport. Wurm is too complicated a game to allow new players to skip the tutorial totally.
  11. Yeah not so sure you want it as craftable, as it's a glimmersteel portal Might be a slight drain on your glimmersteel supplies.