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  1. Wurm is waiting..... We are waiting... *Que music*
  2. Ros has been cast

    Why though? Sleep bonus is sleep bonus. I have a rudimentary understanding of the changes but I dont see time being so much of an issue. Am I right to assume the favor bumps are server based?
  3. Ros has been cast

    Lets cast tomorrow? Nov 2.
  4. Ros has been cast

    Can we move this a day due to the sniped RoS on Cadence. Nov 2nd maybe?
  5. I wasnt planning to stay up until 4am grinding but by god am i doing it. Weehaw
  6. Kyklops Slaying

    I'll bring the vyn altar again
  7. I guess what im saying is this is pretty simple fix that i think anyone with a reaction time can figure out and do within 10 seconds
  8. Here is a good tool i found on the internet to solve your problem
  9. Central time USA because its literally in the center of the Globe
  10. can we put a FS/body requirement on capping the depots? Sounds like some alts are being abused maybe?
  11. Faith? You seem to have misread the OP
  12. Wanted: Goblin Leader

    Shout out to the homie with the bow equipped just walking around the mine. The real king just flexing on us
  13. Oreo, the champion of nothing progressing
  14. I dont understand where freedom gets off complaining that they don't have the same *rewards* as pvp when there is an obvious inherent risk to playing pvp and absolutely none on freedom
  15. Wanted: Goblin Leader

    When is this happening?
  16. Wanted: Goblin Leader

    This count down timer has ruined my mental. 23 after the hour? Why
  17. My giant slayer title and my 70 faith title from pvp didn't cross over to pve. Curious if there are exclusions? **Correction. It looks like ive simply lost my Giantslayer title. Must be because i was logged off on freedom side for the patch????
  18. Pienso que hay jugadores que hablan en JK o MR en difience I think there are some spanish players in JK or MR on defiance @Jorge
  19. Shared sleep bonus pools. Roam defiance. Get sleep bonus from chest or hota/whatever, go spend on pve with skilling bonus. This may create even more of a reason to go skill on Pve for me since you can take a pvp roam incentive freedom. Maybe it will increase kills of roamers. whos to say. I suspect many ppl will just take their defiance sleep bonus to freedom