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  1. Just because someone doesn't have a different idea to immediately rebute doesn't validate a current "bad idea". Mate what. Thats like me spouting off a bad idea to a hyper complex issue, and just because no ones come up with something better (which I argue isn't the case) within 14 hours or so means that my idea will fix something and is the only option left. There is the possibility of making things worse too with a suggestion... Still -1
  2. Buffing skill gain because of x variables be it time spent on defiane or a flat rate along with a sleep powder reward for some pvp objectives could really help alleviate the skilling deficit. Any skill gain buff needs to outweigh the benefits of pve though. Probably significantly. If skill buff were to be time based and reset on leaving it would truly have to be significant. Otherwise there's little point to maintaining if its an insignificant loss. Maybe this argues for a flat rate skill gain increase.
  3. Still waiting on actual feedback. As it stands, everyone thinks everyone is baiting and just runs home anyway. Knowing if the enemy has a roughly similar size group to your roaming group would encourage engagement. Its reasonable to assume Muck maybe had back up a couple days ago, but also watching 8 people decend on one person because they thought he was baiting was also pretty silly and speaks to the current pvp culture. I could see a pendulum change addressing this. As it stands there's barely any pvp anyway unless its an absolute wipe because of numbers game. Addressing that knowledge gap could alleviate the issue.. Hell, you could still have people in mines if you were trying to lay a trap on an unsuspecting person and/or group.. maybe counter balance a buffed pendulum by making it not pick up people in mines. You could possibly reduce pendulum range too in this scenario, that way people could even be farther out to spring a trap but not as effectively close by to immediately counter. In the instance of running into a small group then, its up to the opposing kingdom how they want to respond. If it means waiting to engage until you can overwhelm them with large numbers rather than take the fight with similar numbers then at that point, it's a culture difference.
  4. Dunno about that. Myself and many in BL doing just fine with Priest/crafter split. No issue having a second account either. If anything, the restrictions give non priests more of an ability to surpass priests in areas like body stats, leveling the field if not by a little. Those crafting skills you level on Pve do nothing for you on pvp except body stats. So removing the restrictions would just widen the gap between priests and non priests +1 for keeping priest restrictions
  5. K, what's your counter argument? Or is it just "no you"?
  6. On Things Current

    We gonna have an opportunity to test for exploits before launch of the new features?
  7. Why not make it so pendulums pick up and report more than just one person. That would help with fixing bait cancer meta. Ex: One enemy slightly ahead of you to the right. Two enemies a good ways away to the left. Etc etc
  8. R u taking this as some kind of joke????!
  9. Last Post Wins

    Better luck next time losers
  10. Guys . HELP ! My HATCHET doesn't have coc it and it LITERALLY doesn't increase โคด skill โœ. I ๐Ÿ‘ try all hard for 4 minutes and no skill ! This is an OUTRAGE . Game literally unplayable with tools ๐Ÿ—œ under โฌ‡ 95 coc! Frankly unacceptable that they expect ME to grind under โฌ‡ THESE conditions ... I'll be taking my mmo play time (valuable ) elsewhere ๐Ÿ!
  11. Let's be make sure we are all kind today
  12. Ive made between 80 and 100 gold selling 30ql hammers Moved them off my account as I am afraid of pirates raiding my ships in the ocean.
  13. Only thing stopping small group pvp is Bait meta cancer