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  1. PC as mentioned in title. Account has no prem Skills: Items: (PS the Melgrosss hugeaxe has N73 LT73 C76) Money: Titles: Misc hud (Sleep bonus, meditation, etc):
  2. Movuone no where near worth 200e
  3. You cashing out bud?
  4. Ez transaction. Account traded hands seamlessly. Edit: Estoy analfabetismo
  5. pm good buddy ol pal
  6. 160e for synoptic. dunno how to price the other one
  7. interested in just empty toon if you change your mind
  8. sent you a pm in regards to Vin
  9. Pvp. Budget is flexibile, suppose it just depends on what stats are had.
  10. are there any for sale? thx
  11. Wait, youre back?

  12. Excellent PvP