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  1. An "Expeditionary Tent" You can set it up and give permissions to players in your group to hitch animals to, and use bedrolls next to. Would be great for Rifts, Unique fights or just exploring with a group of friends.
  2. It may be hard to do, but that should not be the reason to not do it. I've been playing for many years, not as long as some, but definately quite some time Most of the releases and content improvements have centered around items or gameplay, not so much as to promote a virtual community. IMO, this is why they have surges and purges in the player base ans premium purchases. Let's take WOW as an example. When they were guild and community oriented, they thrived. When they went to epics for all and Raid Finder/Dungeon Finder, the need for a guild pretty much went away, unless you simply wanted a cool tag line under your name. This made WOW "just another mmo" with a population of individuals or the occasional band of close friends. Players no longer had a sense of belonging or comradery, so they left. Hard or not, Wurm should be looking into ways to give players a better sense of belonging and community. Remember Imp-a-longs? Those were hard to organize and set up, sometimes there were complaints, but over-all players seemed to like the feel of coming together to do things for each other and have an excuse to hang out.
  3. COD to Bremmen, please. Large axe, silver, 70ql, 86nimb, 60LT, 90coc, 83ms - 14s Thanks
  4. Thanks. It takes a few years for come up with them. 😜
  5. New thought. A player with a title token could make permissions for friends that aren't necessarily citizens of the deed proper to live on or visit their lease.
  6. I was thinking about Mayors having the option to lease or rent space in their villages through the use of a "title" token, similiar to a village deed token, but managed by the mayor. The mayor could set a title token for a small area and set the permissions to a specific player and rent it to them. The rent could be based off of the actual upkeep per tile or a little more, 20 -50 iron. This would make a small village plot of 5x8 only cost the villager/player 8c - 20c per month, which would be paid directly to the main village upkeep each month, with the remainder sitting as a bank. The Title token could be established in the same manner as the deed token, N,S,E,W tile directions, yet without a perimeter. Conversely, it could also be left open for whatever the mayor wants per tile based on deed location and resources. A nice ocean side village with great mining resources could fetch more per tile than a land-locked village surrounded my marsh and thorns. This would give a competitive aspect to it as well. A mayor could be recruiting based on a 45 iron per tile rate, and lose to someone recruiting at a rate of 30 iron. There could also be the option for no rent, yet still be able to set the tile and permissions for the player, for those that don't want to charge their villagers. If a player decides to put 6 months upkeep in the Title token, it is only paid monthly for the next upcoming month. This way if the player decides to leave, they can drain out the Title token after they moved, which would disband it and recover any un-used upkeep. This way the mayor could have a general set of deed permissions, with a specific set for the player on that specific plot of property. For example, I don't want villagers to have full access to terraform the entire deed, however on their titled land, they can go wild and build, dig,whatever they want per the agreed upon permissions. Best part is... I don't have to be around for them to do it. A mayor could also use the title token to designate a "community area" where locals or passer's by can have a limited permission place to load, unload etc, such as an on deed marketplace that sells bulk items. Should a mayor want to remove the citizen for whatever reason, they could simply "Revoke" the title. Once "revoke" has been initiated, a countdown would start for a specific amount of time for them to "get their stuff and get out". Their upkeep beyond this specific time would be refunded back to their main bank and after the specific deadline has been passed, all permissions would revert to the mayor. This way buildings could be knocked down, fences destroyed and the property reclaimed for the next player to use. I believe this would help create a greater opportunity for communities to grow, by giving more flexibility to mayors to manage their deeds and villagers to play the game in a broader sense without having to go make a deed to do the things they want. This would also encourage more mayors to recruit as the rent would assist them with monthly upkeep. Ya or nah? Thoughts?
  7. Looking to buy gems for storing favor, not channel grinding.
  8. A ship with a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets, and one mast with a square yard sail. In insufficient wind it is rowed with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. Wood colors: r=15, g=14, b=14. Sail colors: r=15, g=14, b=14. 30s worth of black paint went into this baby! It is locked with a lock of poor quality. It is made from maplewood. You notice some notches you must carve away in order to improve the "The Pearl". Ql: 64.3171, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Caroligan, has been etched in the stern. [A bronze rune of Fo has been attached, so it will increase the effect on speed by wind (10%) Price: 40s Located on Release, but will deliver to any coastal area on other servers.
  9. I managed to get an oak forest going on Release. Had to buy 10 sprouts for 1s and only 2 survived the planting process due to low skill, so it was expensive.
  10. Sounds like they found a way to work around the devs intentions.
  11. I know, I know... The first Rule of Unique Club is you don't TALK about Unique Club...