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  1. Xanadu Community Map

    Please add "Epic Pirate's Cove" to coordinates "645 -2275" by permissions of mayor "Eviloknievel" Thank you to those are involved in creating and updating the map.
  2. WTS Silver coins

    +1; professional seller, no delays and very friendly,
  3. WTA rare glimmersteel longsword

  4. CLOSE

    rare pickaxe W82 C84 - 3s COD Eviloknievel
  5. wts rares/items/ just make an offer

    rare hammer 2s Meditation rug 0.8s if ok both to cod Eviloknievel Thank you
  6. WTS Rares, Rift stuff etc.

    rare shovel, iron (W78) - 3s cod to Eviloknievel ? rare hammer, iron (W71C75) - 3s cod to Eviloknievel ?
  7. Epic feedback feedback thread

    Edit: and some bonus things when you are not in the savezone...to make it more attractive
  8. ops yeah sry I was on epic, whatever, I will be the next 2 days on freedom. Please retry
  9. pickaxe, 1 ql, 84 coc, 90 c hatchet,1 ql, 79 coc, 70 c cod to Eviloknievel , pls
  10. hi, zwei fragen hätte ich... 1. macht bzw. wollt ihr pvp machen? 2. wie lange spielt ihr schon? Gruß Evil