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  1. [Released] New Portals

    I am sorry I did not respond to this sooner, these portals should not care whether the server is epic or not. The only similarity to the portals my mod creates and the portals in WO is the models, the rest is a totally different system and only cares about data coordinates.
  2. WOM Converter - tool for exporting models to WOM

    oh thanks...holding breath for that animated models version.
  3. Why shouldnt trader things cost more than wo, you can get money in game unlike WO, the jealousy around here is getting stupid. Cash shops are a problem most servers have them, just unlike most i dont hide behind pretending its a donation I pay taxes on it and do it legit. check that one out with all kids of stuff for cash that is offered to make in game on mythmoor and not even available on the shop.
  4.'s counts are wrong and i sent him a way to fix it, the response was a lot of drunken sailor talk, so I had my server delisted.
  5. Any more questions, any more bitching from Sklo?
  6. By querying steam to see how many people are reporting logged on to the server with that ip, but guess what if someone marks themself away or offline in the steam freinds section it doesnt show them. So their count is wrong, you log onto Sklo who is one of the biggest ones who likes to ######, to a fenced off login server area with portals to other servers to actually play all by yourself reporting 50+ players online in the event window, whos really pulling peoples leg here. As far as people ignoring you we have one of the most active global chats ever, nobody is ignored so they don't leave. Quit being jealous." Also yes mythmoor does add +30 to the player count a flat amount. However we don't have uninitialized accounts showing as online players. Because we keep that clear. So we just fudge our numbers in a different way rather than log on 100 alts and never finish creating the character so they are hung there adding +1 to the count for each one.
  7. Moonglow Expanding

    4 deeds strong, with lifestyle choices for all. Each deed has room for new villagers, and unlike some other villages who have the smallest deed possible (11x11) and grab up 16 villagers to cram in there, Moonglow deeds are large, and more will come as needed to make sure that all villagers have room to make a place of their own! Join the Pristine server and contact Narathkor today!
  8. Pristine Wtb Crops (Wemp/cotton)

    WTB 1k Wemp 1s WTB 1k Cotton 1s PM me the quality, and your delivery fee or location (can only pickup on mainland)