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  1. Yeah thats fine, want me to try mailing it? not sure if its mailable but if it is who should i mail it to? P.S I just got a IM with a higher offer of 6s for it and sold it sorry
  2. make me an offer on items shown in image, Pickup from witches cauldron deed on deli or mailed via mail box.
  3. 7 day auction. Starting bid 200 euro 1 Euro increments. 2 hour sniper protection private bids allowed and the auction may end early for the right offer. Rare Jacket - 89ql 85 aosp Sleeve 90ql 81 aosp glove 91ql 74 aosp boot 90ql 77 aosp pants 88ql 82 aosp boots 90ql 75 aosp glove 91al 72 aosp sleep 90ql 93 aosp great helm seryll 90ql 60 aosp
  4. its at base QL but i can imp it to 80 ql quick or 90 ql within about a week
  5. WTS Black Drake Set full set including cap, pick up from witch's cauldron deed deli. 80s
  6. cool comic, but may be work out a way to display it in one document or file so you can quickly flip from one page to the next. maybe save it as one big PDF, you can use open office a free program to save things as PDFs or upload it to google docs and public read only.
  7. Rare unfinished Obelisk for auction Starting bid: 5s Increments: 50c Buyout: 7s Sniper protection: 1 hour Pickup witch's cauldron deed on deli Q8 or mailed COD.
  8. I'm guessing its Iron because you didn't say it was steal or anything special so the quality of the weapon i'd say 60ql for 30c. not sure about the enchants i'm guessing 1c per power because its not a 80 or 90 power so say 60c in total i'm guessing maybe. I'm not looking to buy since i make weapons myself I just put my estimate on their because you asked what it might sell for
  9. CLOSED - Sold to SeaJay 94ql Rare Iron Sickle with 90woa 77coc it can be mailed or picked up from witch's cauldron at deli (q8) Starting bid: 7s Bid increment: 1s Buyout: 17s Reserve: none Sniper protection: 1 hour
  10. most games its illegal to buy in-game money and items with real money, but it still happens, heck its a bigger business selling items and accounts from games illegally. I don't see how making it illegal will help. it will still happen but it will go under ground and people will get scammed more.
  11. lol I wish. we need the money at the moment for buying a place in RL. it seams ever time we turn around someones slapping another fee or check we need to pay for >.<. sucks that you lost the scale set
  12. SOLD to Klaa for 113s. pming to arrange trade. auctioning a 90ql black drake set with full 72-96 aosp. Starting bid: 110s Bid increment: 1s Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1 hour Buyout: PM offers pick-up from witch's cauldron deed on deli 8Q. might deliver depending on location. If you need delivery PM me to discuss this. I will only deliver to PVE servers.