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  1. applewood landing is at G13 on map west of vrocks landing there will be a merchent and i am recruiting for villagers stop by and say hello all is friends
  2. exzadu

    whats going on with this server it off line
  3. I get err message ( no lwjgl in java.library pacth ) can some one please help I am running java 7 neve had a problem with playing wurm tell to night
  4. Exodus Deed Map

    im shadowwolf my village is tinny lake it is 30y and 19x on exodus map south of esert i am recuriting new players
  5. so wen is there going to be new village add to the map? my deed is not on it yet black pearl
  6. black pearl y:43 x:23 south mayor shadowwolf
  7. ok my old acunt name was genralstratos and showdan
  8. i hade a old acunt names was stratos and showdan but forgot the pass word and changed the email now i cant get it back what do i do :'(
  9. it will be cool to set in a chair that you make or use a table to put stuff on ;D