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  1. LFW's - Surface Mining

    I might have some interested parties, but where are you at?
  2. Route Blocked

    My mine door just decayed. I was minutes away from putting up a new one.. There's gonna be so many mobs in there now.
  3. Route Blocked

    For those non techies a route block is a single line of configuration in a router...usually... Once their hosting company contacts their support it shout be relatively easy to rectify.
  4. How Long Will Pristine Be Down?

    Don't we get sleep bonus time for server crashes?
  5. Dont Log Out - Pristine Down

    Server shows as down on the launcher.
  6. Dont Log Out - Pristine Down

  7. Fishing Viability

    So what you're saying is that if someone is buying 3k dirt off me for less than 3s EVEN if they have to come get it themselves then i'm getting ripped off?
  8. Fishing Viability

    Don't forget to mention that price only counts if you can deliver the items or services you're selling... I dug out about 3k dirt over the past few days and am only getting 1.5s for it because I can't move it for someone.... Not that I'd want to anyway, that's a LOT of dang dirt to haul.
  9. Sawhorse

    My qualm is less about difficulty and realism and more about immersion. The point of an MMO like wurm is mainly to immerse you in a different world. Anything done that breaks that immersion is a flaw. Where you're correct that carrying a fountain with you is just as unrealistic (more so even) as sawing a log on the ground. The fact of the matter is there is a consequence to your carrying a whole fountain. Namely that you won't be able to move quickly at all, where sawing planks on the dirt incurs no penalty of it's own despite its unlikelihood. As I stated in a previous reply, perhaps ADDING a sawhorse isn't the end all to beat all answer. Perhaps you could be allowed to create planks without one but with a penalty. Such as carrying a fountain incurs it's own penalty. You're right, there are plenty of other "immersion breaking" things in the game but this is the main thing that has been breaking my immersion since I started playing wurm a week ago. Being a newb to the game I can say that I wouldn't have had a second thought about having to build a sawhorse before creating planks when the game makes me make shafts, and planks to make wheels to make a wheel axel to START making a cart. Everything seems to have an order of operations except this... Hell, why do we need an anvil anyway? Why not use one of the random rocks that appear out of nowhere on your plot after digging a bit? That should work just fine and makes as much sense and now having an object to saw planks on. If you see my point.
  10. Sawhorse

    Where I do see your point in practicality and wastefulness I could point out that you have to make an anvil before being able to make nails to make your house. There are two versions of the anvil that serve two different purposes. One you can easily carry with you and another that you have to set down to use. The idea was merely a basis to start with. Any variation that stops me from wondering *what the hell am I cutting these boards on?" would be a viable solution. perhaps a saw pony if you will. Or a small sawhorse. One that doesn't weigh much, can be carried around and helps with immersion. But could also be placed on the ground to use. The one issue I see with the idea of a sawhorse however is the fact that crafting relies on activating an object and using it with another. In this instance we're adding a third object to the mix. Unless the sawhorse were a container of sorts that you stored logs in and then used your saw in conjunction with the sawhorse I'm not sure how that would work. But then again you use lumps directly with the anvil. It's assumed you want to use a mallet on the hot metal I guess. I don't see why that couldn't be the case here. Again, I see your point in saying it could add frustration but with the amount of other things that aren't forgone I don't see this as being that much more tedious. Besides it's one more thing for new players to build to help with that early carpentry skill that we all desperately need.
  11. Sawhorse

    Exactly! Have you ever tried that or seen it done? It's disastrous. With as much depth that this game goes into I hardly think a cutting surface for your boards is too far fetched, be it a sawhorse or carpentry bench of some sort.
  12. Fishing Viability

    Wow, didn't expect such quick replies. Thank you all for your input. It is as I had figured though. Fishing didn't seem like a big money maker and I did notice that the fish I've caught so far decayed extremely rapidly. Looks like i'll need to find another niche until some further uses come into play. I wanna be able to make some cash at some point. (however far out that is)
  13. Fishing Viability

    I'm a very new player. 5 days old, I've leveled my plot, planted some crops and started to build out my house near a body of water. I'm curious, what kind of viability is there for someone who is considering building themselves a medium sized ship and setting out to become an angler? Can someone viably make decent income doing this? Is it an overly done profession? Is there any demand whatsoever? Would just like a little insight is all. For anyone curious I'm on a Pristine, a freedom server.
  14. Sawhorse

    I was thinking that it might be interesting, more immersive and a tad more tedious if you were required to build a sawhorse to create certain items. Possibly either having to make makeshift planks at first in order to erect a sawhorse to allow you to make regular planks. Or perhaps incorporating a sawhorse into the making of planks and other items that require sawing would increase the quality of the end product. Perhaps instead of a tool it could be a sort of carpentry station or bench. Just an idea I thought of in passing today. I mean have you ever tried to saw a plank without some sort of elevated surface? Let me know what you all think. Also, i'm like 5 days new to this game so if something like that already exists please don't beat me too hard.