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  1. Great posts guys, I myself wouldn't have known how to proceed in this fashion, this helps a lot Thank you
  2. Damn I got 4999. On yeah! forgot myself in that equation-5000 it is
  3. Why sure it would, if lets say Minecraft had an original hardcore version, how players would take up the challenge and attempt it. That should answer a lot of questions
  4. You all raised valid points. I've seen the many facets of different types of players. I too, found the learning curve steep even in beta. I tried twice and got frustrated with the blue tile highligher and went back playing Project Entropia. Two weeks later I tried again and stuck it out and became increasingly enamored with Wurm. I tried to convince my player friends to play, no deal, they too couldn't get a grip on it. If there a quicker way of learning this game I would have opted out for that then. Consider, there are hardcore and softcore players. The suggestion of a newbie academy training server in WU for the expressed purpose of playing WO is wise. There will by many instances of disgruntled server players on WU for whatever reason I assure you, and that in itself will create some new players for WO I totally agree with Uberknot, WU will surpass WO and very quickly at that. The downside of WO is there are so many uber players, new players get frustrated in trying to get FS up to even PVP at all. In spite of some of these points I believe both games will do very well.
  5. Not a FAQ, but just a nice change for me to congratulate you. This will work out very well for both Wurms.
  6. Exactly my point Syn, new players will try WU, get excited, play awhile and then start to explore other venues such as this server, for the outline you posted and hopefully stay. The double edged sword here is that when they do come, I think many will leave due to the long grind that they aren't used too.
  7. Personally I think it's awesome, finally Wurm gets exposure it deserves. I don't see any negative in Rolf's decision.
  8. For Rolf

    +1 sad this thread did get derailed tho!
  9. For Rolf

    Ya I believe its a cop-out too! Kinda like a pizza shop having a grand opening sign up for years
  10. Todays Changes

    I'm am not renewing!
  11. I don't like this removal of champs idea but it is the best solution.
  12. Aye- I'm dropping all accounts and towns!
  13. Bah! Heck, Lets do a reset if ya gonna even bother with all these changes!
  14. Hiyas Zerobyte! Actually you won't have any problems with any changes, many are for the better mate. Hope to see you ingame