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  1. nice update wurm online team,good job!
  2. mery xmas and newv year happy rolf...and for everyone in game
  3. selling 40 silver pm me ingame cybrax...
  4. NICE JOB Devs!!! The Drakes and Scale armour looks nice you guys did a nice work there, i wonder if you DEVS can change the design of the actual plate for a better texture for each server or kingdom in Wurm online a diferent design to define us diferent from other kingdoms,the actual plate looks very old textures and we all looks all the same. Att: Cybrax / Epic Cluster
  5. kk guys... thx alot i thought i was bug or something by not getting rolls and no rares atm,i will keep grinding and see if theres any luck,ty again! you can close this topic.
  6. Hello devs ,is kindly weird to say this but im imping 36 sets of plate till the moment i got no rares,our village has sac lots of valrei items,i dont really understand this anymore,im continue imping the plate sets but i got nothing yet,this just must be a bug or something,no? what you guys say to this? Att: Cybrax Epic Cluster
  7. WTS 50 silvers = 50 euros via paypal on xanadu,pm me if you intrested. my name in game is cybrax too
  8. Go sleep,i think you are tired dude,so much hatred,Epic is fine tha way it is..if you dont like IT.... move to Freedom....... and play in chaos or you can go to freedom servers and play Sims and let Big mens play the fights.... THIS IS EPIC!.. THIS is a world that you dont no nothing john Snow?! ATT: King Cybrax the Great one
  9. perhaps no songs needed haverstrom,but all entired music in wurm neeed to change since they are boring,perhaps some medieval music should be more apropriated,i actually have my music turn off,why? cause when you in a pvp situation and you listen that music is kindly going to sleep,so my opinion is put good viking death metal or game of thrones music reggards cybrax