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  2. What about structures like guard towers and statue creations that produces an unfinished object in front of you. I couldnt imagine improving one to death for rare or having unfinished sculptures laying around my lawn.
  3. And tell us of the nicest thing you have done this year in Wurm, so we know if you are eligible for a Christmas present! I've recruited many new players to mentor them in my fort since I started playing months ago. =]
  4. You guys shooould stop posting here and go check out the other forum threads =-]
  5. I believe it was used on a dirt tile so not sure if it would work, maybe unless you lift 1x1 dirt and try it. Would be cool if you sailed through the server borders, and suddenly fall (or sail) through the crater
  6. Yea, took Snaggit which was the first recorder i found , i should have upped the graphics a bit though =\
  7. Yes, you're talking about the Wand of Seas
  8. - Couldn't post under CyberHusky's original thread & Don't mind the horrible video quality =\ - R.I.P. Mojo, haha Some Info - Can't be planted within a settlement - Can't be planted with enemy influence area - Chat states that it takes "30 Minutes"(Wurm) after planting to cave in [2013-10-29] [02:35:45] The rod of eruption starts to emanate a weird worrying sound. [2013-10-29] [02:36:32] The rod of eruption starts to pulsate with a bright light, drawing from the ground. [2013-10-29] [02:36:57] The ground around rod of eruption is shivering and heaving! Something big is going to happen here soon! You have to get far away! [2013-10-29] [02:37:17] Rod of eruption is now completely covered in cracks. run! -Examine: "A thick red rod carved from an unusual stone material. A symbol of a volcano is inlaid on the end that doesn't go into the ground. Should probably be planted with extreme care." >
  9. I think you have a goblin infestation. More like a goblin Invasion!! lol
  10. damn its still down? =\ edit: nvm, twas me
  11. Hello guys, I thought it would be cool if when attempting to range a monster/player to tip the arrow head with tar and light to shoot. - It would be a an action that you do when you use tar on arrows because having a quiver full of 'fire arrows' would be unrealistic. - It would cause 'burn' wounds. - could light torch lamps from afar? Poison should also be made from plants like oleanders which has obviously been repeated, but could in fact be kept inside a quiver rather than fire arrows