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  1. happened within minutes so i threw another up, if i need more or something im doing is obviously wrong let me know
  2. console log for client relog as requested, seems to be more frequent at night time hope this helps
  3. Secret Santa -mailed dec 20-25th

    nice idea!
  4. WTA Fantastic Iron torch lamp

    Starting Bid 20s Increments 1s Buy out PM me first auction so lets give this a go, and greetings to old friends
  5. siathes will be there with alts, and thanks for more events
  6. Remove colossus restrictions.

    -1 they are becoming less unique everyone with a village wants one, quit asking for easy mode (not OP in particular, just most of this subforum), they should be hard they are hard, let them be. having only the colossi religious followers able to make them makes sense, if you want all of them you need to work for it
  7. create sand

    just sailing along north coast of xan from the hatchling kill and im amazed at all the rock and little tuffs of land tucked away, and was thinking how immense it would be to add land to it. Pop an idea jumps into my head, what if you could take all those shards use "mortar and pestle?" to grind up said shards and create sand, which od course could always be changed to dirt etc. etc. of course it would have to be a huge skill check like high masonry say 70ish? and hard to make the crafting item as well, so as not to flood sand into the area it could also take twice the shard weight to make half sand? just thinking out loud, pick this apart
  8. Release Community Map

    x8,y8 Wyvern's Rest x7,y9 Sojourn both owned by me wyvern's rest has merchant tar and mailbox ty and have a nice day
  9. Public Green Dragon HATCHLING Xanadu

    Siathes will fight, alts will sit in boat. and thanks for the event!
  10. 2 events in one day requires the best of us to show, so i will be in front and fighting
  11. you may all rejoice Siathes will be making an appearance and fighting
  12. Charity Box

    like a large chest or something semi large that once planted allows anyone to take from it, ignoring deed pickup permission just for contents. could be used for food etc for visitors to take from. details like materials ill leave to you brainiacs
  13. simple, lets you know which deed is battling against trolls in a busy local...get it? got it? good!
  14. Passengers ejected from carts.

    Lheto my alt was the only passanger in a rare large cart 2 ven horses with woa gear. it happened many times during a road trip usually around a transition like a hill or when passing objects/structures with collision (fences, houses, hedges). it caused injuries from being ejected. last one that killed him was at sebelis deed on release after following the 1 tile road around his pole fence. not sure if we should speculate but i think it has to do with position checking, after a longer road trip i notice my alt and main don't show the same positions. maybe the client thinks the toon are a little further out from the cart and hits collidables?