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  1. Trader deed disband statistics

    I owned the settlement it was on, through the issues outlined by Rolf it was lost. It costs 50s. Therefore I lost 50s. And if you want intention, I re-deeded the area after losing it. My intent was on keeping the trader but lost it due to a mistake as outlined by Rolf. PS: Please don't make this a personal argument, this is purely for Rolf statistics and if I get a refund I only consider it a bonus which would keep me playing and happy. I'm not counting on any reward or refund from Rolf because I have seldom heard of it ever happening. Just here to give statistics.
  2. Trader deed disband statistics

    On Desertion (MRH) Disbanded the deed of Rome Lost 1 trader. - Was aware of the problem but had brain freeze, forgot to uncitizen my trader and as a cost lost 50s. If there were a refund, I'd love it. epicserv3 â€@epicserv3 Nov 4 The settlement of Rome has just been disbanded by Typhon.
  3. All servers should be open to anyone with special titles, King or champion etc.
  4. Made me lol, was posted a month ago.
  5. Crafting items in bsb

  6. CR nerf is too much (EPIC)

    People who want home servers to be raidless and no PVP should try freedom.
  7. CR nerf is too much (EPIC)

    No, but I want to see a counter-argument from you since I haven't seen one yet. It's all fine and well to say CR nerf is needed without giving any actual evidence or reason as to why you think it is needed.
  8. CR nerf is too much (EPIC)

    I bet you live on a home server and don't PVP. Move to freedom if you don't want PVP.
  9. CR nerf is too much (EPIC)

    We do have a lot of threads on this but it just re-affirms the change is needed. People want it and it's ridiculous. It makes PVP/Raiding less likely and ruins the entire Epic experience.
  10. Fix Valrei (Spawns)

    I've died to them before, just part of the game. Keeps things interesting.
  11. PMK Recruitment + Recruitment Board

    Ideally yes, but I think when suggesting things to do for Wurm Online, it's best to go one small step at a time. That way there's a tiny possibility they might be implemented. Most of the other PMK suggestions were not really taken seriously. Hence why PMK's are dying.
  12. PMK Recruitment + Recruitment Board

    I did say it was one way, do you have any alternate suggestions? I'd like to hear them. PS: I can't see why anyone would have a legitimate reason to vote no other than a personal one against me. Any reasons for and against?