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  1. I think the beauty of the Wurm economy, is that you don't have "instant" delivery of goods across the server/server clusters. Someone, who is a nobody, has a chance to make a sale and earn wealth just by "showing up" at the right place, and at the right time. As opposed to making it absurdly easy to not only buy anything, but to post anything for sale, anywhere at any time. If I have to put 0% effort in filling a merchant by simply linking all of my merchants around the server to my single warehouse, you begin to create a mass network of goods that increase "supply" and drastically reduce demand when "everyone and their dog" start spawning merchants everywhere. If its "easy" everyone does it, and no one actually makes any meaningful profit for the time they put into gaining the resources or crafting the goods. in this case.. the "Easy Button" should not be utilized, and the "Hard" button should be pressed several times over, to encourage "local economies" and reduce the chance for server wide "monopolies"
  2. it looks like Rolf might be "borrowing" your mod with the "Rift" spell that replaces the Fountain bug
  3. hmmmm.... Do you think there would be any way of making inner and outer volume a variable set by a "Spell"? IE, Certain Items in the game could have "Carry More Space" "Take up less Space" spells. Would definitely bring new "marketable" skills to priests While i do love me some good "God" mode do everything instantly... for a longer based game, having the same potential game changing effects, would be best accomplished via a "Vanilla Wurm" with "Priest abilities"
  4. What I am thinking, is something where... crops can be ripe in 20-40 minutes, and last 2-3 days at Ripe. hard to get that type of stability with RNG. The goal is, people have all the crops they need (fast players) and casual gamers don't have to worry about having to be on for 40-60 minutes in order to actually reap the crops they sow If something grows to Ripe in 20-40 minutes, and stays Ripe for several days... Lots of people are happy. Also... couldn't you not increase the counter to 100... and have everything from 0-5 be the growing phase, and an IF statement being "ripe" ? If >100 weeds. and have "100" a variable that a server admin could increase/decrease?
  5. Armageddon (PvP)

    It looks like Joedobo is on to something in the Modding forums... I had suggested a While loop that counts increments to a Server set variable which server admins could adjust to pick how long they want crops sticking around. I think he was working on a randomized crop stage call.
  6. Joedobo, Would a "while" or "for" loop work to count increments steps... and possibly store the count variable for each tile somewhere? IE; crops grow to 6 (ripe) based on increment and Server step frequency while $variable is < 100, crop growth stage = 6 $variable ++ once out of the while loop ($variable = 101) crop growth stage = 7 anyone wanting to extend/reduce the "ripe" period would only need to alter 100 to something bigger or smaller. 0 would be default.
  7. Armageddon (PvP)

    and I doubt there is any way to "separate" crop cycles if they are dependent on such a hard coded tick rate... Unless you can somehow get rid of the "fallow/overgrown" stage and crops would just sit there at "Ripe" Or, increase the amount of cycles and give them like 100 "Ripe" cycles lol...
  8. Armageddon (PvP)

    noticed something while praying and farming yesterday. there is a "bird chirp" sound clip that plays when Farms transition to the next stage of their growth. 3-4 chirps, and the crops are ready (which was bout 10-20 minutes I believe)
  9. Armageddon (PvP)

    3 timing things I noticed while playing yesterday: 1. Still limited in gaining faith per prayer per X time limit. Prayers also take 30 seconds 2. Crops go fallow (nothing to harvest) from sow to fallow in about 2-3 hours. In the time it took me to go from JK spawn to WL and back, my crops were dead 3. Charcoal Piles take forever to take damage. Not sure if anyone has figured out how to mod these things... but would be nice to have Charcoal piles tick up damage quickly, be able to pray as much as you want to gain faith/favor without 30 second timer, and to have Crops sit around for a full day at "full growth" if possible.
  10. Armageddon (PvP)

    Currently playing on the server with Carmichael doing an impalong. Great server so far!
  11. would be interesting if some of these "magic chest" puzzles didn't reveal some secrets to Wurm
  12. Armageddon (PvP)

    How many people do you have populating the server?
  13. Jock's WU Server.

    PS, if every "action" essentially generates coin... you'll be drowning in coins and decades worth of upkeep in deeds. IE, deeds will never disband.
  14. Jock's WU Server.

    so... "Deeds" themselves don't cost anything, but Upkeep/Guards do?