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  1. Please change Nolife at 47x51y to Fennec Farms. I changed the name of my settlement a day or two ago. Thanks!
  2. You never know who is online or not and this thread is here so why not use it too. Plus my rug shattered and with my low cloth tailoring I haven't bothered with making another one lol. ----Edit---- YAY Enlightenment. :3
  3. I am on Indie and I'm looking for enlightenment from 6-7 in the Path of Love. Please pm me ingame on UkeFox or message me here with details.
  4. This is just me, but I'd honestly prefer that you keep my personal information on file so I can save on VAT.
  5. lol The hamster kicked the bucket and they are installing a new one now... :3 I'm sure it won't be too much longer hehe.
  6. I Need Work

    I'm in need of dirt on indy. I'll pay 1s per 1k dirt up to a max of 5k dirt you dig and I'll furnish the tools/dredge/boat for you to use while you're digging for me. -------- Thanks for the offer but I've already gotten a supplier.
  7. Wanting to Buy What: Dirt Amount: 2-3k pile Bought 3k piles from Punnikin. Where: 45x50y Independence Server. Quality: Any Price: 1s per k of dirt. I'm willing to negotiate compensation for cave canal travel and/or distance. Contact: Ukefox or Sophie ingame from 7pm GMT (East Coast of USA), reply here, or send me a pm. ​Additional Info: When I place an order with you we'll discuss delivery times. If possible I'd love it if anyone who I place an order with would be able to fill it within a day or two. This isn't 100% necessary but is preferred. In the event I get more offers than I intend to buy I'll go with the cheapest and fastest provider unless I've already confirmed I am buying from you. 0_0 I don't like wishy-washy people and I'm not gonna be one.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm skilling farming just to skill it and was looking to maybe sell some stuff that I'll be building up. :3
  9. My farming is just a hair away from 50 and I'm going to throw up a merchant ad soon but I'm completely oblivious to the current pricing of bulk farming goods. Would anyone enlighten me to the current prices for various 50 ql farming items per 1000? Thanks, UkeFox
  10. If you have time I'd like to drop off my 25 ql and 59 ql longswords off for imping to 80, if that's possible. Just give me a time to drop it off on Indie
  11. 0_0 Do want must have
  12. Would you take 1.5 for Pickaxe, iron QL 71.55 CoC 57 WoA 76 ? If so, cod it to Ukefox please
  13. Thanks for your business