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  1. Is it possible to for 2 different accounts to upload skill dumps? I've been trying to upload a newer skill dump, but nothing happens. It only clears all the fields. I had sold my character a while ago and bought it back within a few months. During that time the other person added my character to Niarja.
  2. I'm looking to buy transmutation liquid to change peat to dirt for 1 off deed tile.
  3. Could I get lava spider orange for a sail boat sail please. Send to loneshark, thank you.
  4. Looking to sell LoneShark , currently Mayor of Hillside Tarry at F18 Xanadu. Has no premium with 1s 74c left in upkeep good for 38 days. Comes with a row boat, sailing boat, corbita, and several COC tools (range from 60 to 90). Currently Enlightened on path of knowledge with a 95coc exquisite meditation rug.
  5. clay shaper, oakenwood 80ql - 30c Please cod to Loneshark, thank you.
  6. QL ~60 Awl c80 (55c) QL ~22 Needle c81 (48c) QL ~60 Leather Knife c88 (80c) cod to LoneShark please, thank you.
  7. Hi Psychedelic, I would be interested in buying my original toon back. How much are you looking to get for it?
  8. hatchet, iron 8ql COC85 - 75c Cod to drakester please, thank you.
  9. QL 80 Longsword LT88 MS84 C77 N72 +any demise (3.5s) w/animal demise QL ~18 Rake c90 (80c) QL ~8 Stone Chisel c84 (57c) QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c76 (42c) QL ~15 Sickle c88 (70c) Water c85 (60c) Cod all to Drakester please, thank you.
  10. At this time LoneShark has premium till 6/25, not much left so not asking for any extra for it. I have received a pm with an offer for the vyn priest Sophia, so at this time the sale would be just for LoneShark and the deed unless the offer doesn't go through.
  11. i want your deed.. character i stoo good for my blood but i want your deed.. ill have to get an alt over to collect as i ahve a lot of stuff at my old one.. buti have aknarr and looks like you have good access to wate.. hope there is lots of interest in your c hacter hes a good ton . maybe i take your vin priest if price is irhgt too.. thanks hope to hear from you be on later today in early afternoon pacific na time

  12. I'm wanting to sell the account LoneShark, with deed HillsideTarry on Xanadu F18. Free with this sale is a beginner Vyn priest Sophia. I prefer silver for the sell or can do paypal. Here is the deed information and gear on LoneShark. Recieved offer for Sophia. LoneShark is on the 10th level in Path of Knowledge, with small sailing boat. Skill dump in spoiler. Free account Sophia is on the 7th level in the Path Of Love. Was mainly used to help dig and surface mine before priesting. Skill dump in spoiler.
  13. Cod 81coc 96.47ql to me please, thank you.