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  1. Sold to JDBooker. +1 to his reputation Been thinking about the whole xsolla thing. It seems Code Club AB is handing coins to them at a 1eu/1s ratio, then xsolla resells them in bulk with a +15eu fee (derived from given numbers). I don't really know how this may help CCAB or players since you are giving profit to the agent in-between without any added value. You can only damage customer trust this way. I really hope to be wrong.
  2. That sounds like xsolla is not acting as a payment system but as a market agent. Info and numbers don't match.
  3. What is the official page where you can buy silver cheaper than 16eu/10s? I missed that one.
  4. -SOLD- 100eu 95eu Verified Paypal account only please. (spawn@Release) note: I agreed on cleaning the thread. Thanks for the feedback but please take it to the right sub-forums.
  5. -SOLD- Name: End of the Road Description: Light upkeep coastal deed on Release (with trader) Size: 19x33 (e-w x n-s) Perimeter: 9 Guards: 1 Monthly cost: 2s 57c 40i Funds: 12s 06c 99i , 131 days upkeep (atm of writing) Deedholder: No Natural resources: Iron, tin, zinc and slate veins, on-deed or very close. Tree farm on perimeter. Communications: EotR is strategically located in order to have a good balance between maritime and inland trading routes on Release while not being too far from Pristine. There is a straight highway leading to Poolsclosed (south point of Spawn Lake) which allows seamless travel to the rest of the continent. Extras: 1x Trader (0% tax) 1x Guard Tower on deed area, 5 kingdom guards. 1x Mailbox (02 enchantement, hamster powered) 60x wrapped shod clubs (will rename gift boxes) Screenshots: DeedPlanner file: notes: Provided as orientative reference, please come see the deed in person. Slopes are not exact. Wooden parapets represent camellia hedges. Auction details Starting bid: 60s Minimum increment: 1s Snipe protection: 1h Length: 3 days Buy out: No Reserve: No Raw value (settling cost): 67+s * Deed size: 15s 74c * Guard: 2s * Trader: 37s 50c * Funds: 12s Annex: The EotR project I made EotR the pillar of my gaming experience but didn't have the time to finish it. The idea was to have my very own place which I could share with others (citizens or not) in an easy to manage way, while still open to almost any activity. Cheap upkeep combined with a private trader was a great decision. DeedPlanner file: Facilities: Manor: Home of the main characters (same or different players). Ground level: Kitchen and immediate needs. First floor: Living room, social meetings. Second floor: Bedroom. Private livestock pen. Tradehouse: should call it TradeĀ®house? Can host personal merchants too. Workshop: for crafting and improving items without having to move. Ground level: 5x forges, 10x bsbs for sorting resources by QL, coffins for tools. First floor (2 tiles): Array of coffins for product storage, accessed from ground level. Second floor: Looms. Storehouse: Main hall: direct access from cart/wagon to 3 levels of storage. Top room: for anything that doesn't need a cart to be managed. Open roof: nice view. Pen for dedicated delivery livestock, wagons/carts parking. Factory: protected building for vehicle construction (ships, wagons, carts). Farm central: tools and storage, oriented to farming and natural activities. Controls access to the basic farming pens. Parking for farm carts. Controlled access areas: 2 different livestock pens allowing inner modularization. Fields area also customizable. "Guard tower": an annex to the real guard tower acting as an Inn. Capacity for 3 beds. Emergency exit to avoid being trapped inside. Guest houses: bed and coffin for rookies in training. Forge, bsb, fsb, etc go outside. Marble square: golden altars here. Playing Wurm with you all has been a very rich experience. Best luck and have fun!
  6. AlexDunphy, I can't manage to contact you...
  7. Hi AlexDunphy! PM me your character name and I will contact you when I can get online And thanks everybody. Let's keep this running!
  8. I just hope we don't have a wurm patriot patch in the near future. This should be a bad joke in the best case.