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  1. Last Post Wins

    Are we there yet?
  2. Last Post Wins

    But when I do, I spend 6 hours saying the same prayer to Vynora over and over and over again.
  3. Milking Skill

    there are many long term plans in wurm that were either dropped, or have yet to come to be. there is a possibility at one time there were plans for (maybe still is) other milkable creatures that would require different skill... such as sheep or goats at skill 20 then again maybe not, maybe its like puppeteer and is just there for fun just a thought...
  4. The Speed Of Push/pull

    I wouldn't mind seeing the "hitch" command being added to things like forges and ovens, still have to lead the horse and it moves at 15% its normal speed. maybe a new leather harness used in place of a saddle could be required? maybe an additional 2% each for carry more, strong legs, and unusually strong and healthy? Kinda rough but could be interesting if thought through a little more.
  5. [Lock] The Major Issue With Wurm

    Hey I know, lets rewrite the entire game and change fundamental gameplay 180 degrees.... -1000 However it is all in all an interesting concept for a NEW game.
  6. Change Ridiculous Mine Door Decay On Deed?

    I said "responsive to the community" not respond to our posts. Meaning they consider and sometimes react based off the communities wants. Just because every suggestion post we make doesn't get replied to or implemented doesn't mean it wasn't read and/or considered by someone on payroll. They don't have to inform us of every decision they make. Try going to another mmo and starting a thead that says "hey i think this game mechanic should be changed" and see if it gets replied to by devs or implemented. It won't.
  7. Awesome app, works great. I actually kinda like the simple graphics, gives it a more wurmy feel.
  8. Kyklops

    I think it looks great and thanks for sharing!
  9. Please Close

    i'll start it for ya, 2s
  10. Cannot Convert To White Light Religion On Exodus

    I would assume its the same as when a Freedomer priest goes non premium. They lose priesthood until they get premium again, AS LONG AS while not premium they didn't do anything that would affect their faith, in which case they will not regain priesthood. I am betting if you travel to Freedom as a BL priest and do a bunch of digging or crafting, you will not repriest when you return.
  11. New Playable Races?

    -1 IF they were to introduce races they should not be cookie cutter elves and dwarves but rather be wholly original representations of the Deities we already have, but I don't want to see cosmetic racial or faction changes made before they do other things that are more fundamental to gameplay. Such as long awaited bridges, or other gameplay related additions. FFS it is a fantasy world, not representing anything other than the imaginary place it is, with no Real World undertones. Maybe it is racist against Vynorans because we cant have pale blue as a skin color. Maybe we can just play the game and be grateful it exists.
  12. Please Double The Bonuses On Wood Types

    -1. Most people who truly have a use for a particular wood type would just replant their property, or surrounding forest (if they don't already have a tree farm). And realistically this would just REDUCE bulk wood sales on the market even further to only people who are in need of planks, rafts, or coalpiles (assuming most shipbuilders already have their own supply of wood). Everything else consumes such small amounts or are built so rarely that it would be easy to grow and harvest only what you need. Besides direct and intentional manipulation of items with the sole intent of affecting market prices by developlers would be A ) not in the spirit of a sandbox game B ) seen as favoritism towards a particular group - Which we all know by now the community feels very strongly about that Edit: removed accidental emoticon
  13. Collection Of Free Games! Post 'em Here!

    Got to admit I haven't actively played this since the French line was introduced, but absolutely loved it. Still occasionally go get in my Lowe or E-75 and blast fools.
  14. Most definitely coyotes. Keep posting pics and updating us on your adventure. I love the outdoor life and love to see other people enjoy it as well.