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  1. Build A Castle

    No pics yet come guys I'm sure there is one castle out there already build
  2. Build A Castle

    it mm/dd/yyyy lol 12-1-13 it ends simple
  3. Build A Castle

    i have a toon on every server in this game and I play them all daily and I know 100z of people but no one knows all my alts
  4. Build A Castle

    build a HUGE Castle and submit a photo below and Show off your create activity Prove you are the best wurmonline player castle must be Very large and have many rooms and must be complete with bed room a dinning hall a court yard and palace grounds as in a village below or in front of the castle Rules: Must be fully completed must have rooms dinning hall court yard a village your kingdom banner's / or flags must be more than 2 levels high and have lots of lighting to show off the HUGE castle Post a screen shot of your castle in comments below winning castle will have its image post on every server in the game and showed off as the finest greatest best over all the castles in the game Not just by one person will judge when all that wishes to join have built there castle all that wishes to judge the castles message me by pm via forums and the one with most votes wins Starts today 10/2/2013 ends 12/1/2013 join in guys and become the best of the best