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  1. Thanks Eilif! Still for sale. I go on summer vacation Labor Day weekend so will keep bumping until then.
  2. Hi Tarlynn, no casts on the Shield currently. There are only a handful of these in game.
  3. These items are still for sale. Buyer backed out after wanting me to give him the items prior to payment and I refused for obvious reasons. This is a very rare chance to own a set like this. Many players will tell you something like this doesn't come up for sale often.
  4. Have a decent offer on the table just north of 500e for the set. Will let this sit for a few more days am waiting on responses to a few messages before I let it go.
  5. I am responding to questions in private messages as fast as I can guys, please be patient if it takes me a bit as I am still at work.
  6. Wurmhole I am selling my last set, however it is bundled with some Glimmersteel items. If you are interested can can discuss on Skype.
  7. As many know I up and vanished for a while. Due to my new job now having me travel almost 100% of the time I have had absolutely zero time to play anything. Since this doesn't look like it will be stopping any time soon I have decided to sell my assets in Wurm Online. This will be the first of many very rare item sets which will be sold. I will add a photo of the full set when I have time later today. I will be taking offers only at this time. Set includes the following items: Large Metal Shield QL 80, Glimmersteel Longsword, QL 80, GLimmersteel 5 Glimmersteel QL 99 Lumps Full Scale Set, Various QL
  8. As title says I am looking for a few items I need for my deed. 1. Fountain Pack or Pan 2. Small Steel Magical Chest 3. Rare Unfinished Vyn Colossus 4. Rare Unfinished Mol Rehan Guard Tower 5. Rare Bone x2 Shoot me a forum PM to discuss prices or trades. I currently have ALL HotA statues in stock as well as skill leveling services.
  9. Thanks RazorBrains, and wouldn't be the first time I have been approached to do that haha. Still looking for people!
  10. I am back from my trip! Will be following up on all bookings and current customers after work today.
  11. I am out of town for the next two days. Any questions or booking requests will go to Sassimanx until I return Saturday.
  12. No openings until after Jan 19th currently. A few days remain open after Jan 19th for the month.
  13. Highly recommended. Been working on a long term project for me and it looks fantastic
  14. -1 Money sinks are a needed feature in the game. Merchants function just fine. If markets were low enough priced to warrant people taking the time out of their day to travel to them in game markets would see more business. Bottom line is why waste my valuable time when I can just have items mailed to me.
  15. This is fine as is. A player with only 40 NS skill has no problem making this. Spamming campfires for ash is also very easy. Ash can be purchased cheap in large quantity off the current market from any coal maker. This is fine as is.
  16. Sent you a PM. ~500k Crops in stock, however only a few open days left in January. Schedule starts opening up for larger orders (120k+) Feb 9th.