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  1. Thanks Eilif! Still for sale. I go on summer vacation Labor Day weekend so will keep bumping until then.
  2. Hi Tarlynn, no casts on the Shield currently. There are only a handful of these in game.
  3. These items are still for sale. Buyer backed out after wanting me to give him the items prior to payment and I refused for obvious reasons. This is a very rare chance to own a set like this. Many players will tell you something like this doesn't come up for sale often.
  4. Have a decent offer on the table just north of 500e for the set. Will let this sit for a few more days am waiting on responses to a few messages before I let it go.
  5. I am responding to questions in private messages as fast as I can guys, please be patient if it takes me a bit as I am still at work.
  6. Wurmhole I am selling my last set, however it is bundled with some Glimmersteel items. If you are interested can can discuss on Skype.
  7. As many know I up and vanished for a while. Due to my new job now having me travel almost 100% of the time I have had absolutely zero time to play anything. Since this doesn't look like it will be stopping any time soon I have decided to sell my assets in Wurm Online. This will be the first of many very rare item sets which will be sold. I will add a photo of the full set when I have time later today. I will be taking offers only at this time. Set includes the following items: Large Metal Shield QL 80, Glimmersteel Longsword, QL 80, GLimmersteel 5 Glimmersteel QL 99 Lumps Full Scale Set, Various QL