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  1. Would love 10kg of the white please! Send to Freeguy, thanks!
  2. +1 on this. Would love my fountains which are placed for asthetics to actually be functional!
  3. Thanks for making this public and doing what many will never do with Dragons. Will make sure to send my people to you for affinity pizzas! Your good deeds should be rewarded.
  4. Thanks for making this public once again Yaros
  5. This would unlock access to items by allowing players to redeem points for them via the "Any Unique Points" method. This means players cannot get a tome via hunt groups unless they kill a ton of uniques and obtaining said points is the same regardless of the number of players until the hard cap is reached. I believe this is currently 25. Obviously the fact they can be penned in mines is part of the problem, but without in depth knowledge of the unique creature AI I am not sure how to fix it.
  6. I would suggest if the point system were to be used a spawn frequency should increase a bit. If people want to kill one with a few friends that just means less points circulating, but since many of the items can be obtained by points from various uniques I don't see this as a problem.
  7. Yes I agree, and by removing them from butchering and making them obtainable via points the private slaying would stop.
  8. If you can make it fair and inclusive without points please provide a suggestion.
  9. This has been talked about to death over the years and now that I am back in Wurm I see it still has not changed. I honestly thought with the change to Steam and removal of RMT this would of finally gotten the revamp it really needs. My suggestion is below in detail. 1.) Like Rift events unique slayings will now provide a set number of points to each participant who attempts to strike the unique. This means alts sitting in carts doing nothing will no longer leech free blood. This does mean that hoarding uniques no longer serves a purpose by removing the direct monetary value of said uniques. 2.) Points given will be based on the unique slayed, but can be used cumulatively for certain items in a unique shop such as a rare strange bone (Butchering uniques will no longer have the chance to yield rare bones) 3.) All tomes will now be in the unique shop and assigned point values along with rare and supreme bones So after a few months of unique slaying a player's point card would look something like this. Red Dragon Points: 100 Forest Giant Points: 200 Goblin Leader Points: 100 Black Dragon Hatchling Points: 100 Players would then be able to redeem points for item as listed below: Goblin Leader Blood: 60 Goblin Leader Points .05kg Drake Hide: 75 Any Hatchling Points (Figure out the color part later) .05kg Scale: 75 Any Dragon Points Rare Strange Bone: 1,250 Any Unique Points Tome of Blank: 1,000 Any Unique Points (1 Charge) Summer Hat: 5,000 Any Unique Points Small Steel Magical Chest: 2,500 Any Unique Points (You see where I am going with this) The back end requires a database to keep track of players and point totals while the front end requires a store user interface to redeem those points. Drops and butchered items aside from meat would be removed and the system already outputs who was attacking a unique so the people to be awarded points already exists. The dev time to do this is actually not that bad, and I am willing to donate my personal time to code changes if that is what it takes. I would love to seem some suggestions on the point table, additional items to be added to the uniques store, or what you think is good or bad about it. Lets finally flush this out and make it a thing worth doing rather than having the constant bickering about uniques, private hunt parties, etc. With this system you build a foundation to introduce limited time items available in the unique store. Also goes without saying you must be premium to obtain points from a unique slaying. Now I know all the tryhards are not going to like this because it will directly affect income from uniques, but the reality is this change is healthy for the game as a whole. More slayings will be public, more people will be logging in and playing for these, and more interaction will occur across servers. I look forward to reading your responses below on why or why not to do something like this in Wurm.
  10. Correct, but then you have to add additional check. Is it on a deed, if on deed is it enclosed or free roaming?. I'm not even sure if the variables currently exist to even do that type of check. My bad on the Uniques I was thinking of something else. There would have to be some type of code to both check if a unique is in the area (already exists) and check if said champ is not in an enclosure.
  11. As long as people keep hunting uniques with roving bands and not sharing with the public I don't think it needs to made any easier. This will just add fuel to the fire with dragon drama. Not to mention from a coding perspective this would need to add a number of variable checks which would need to occur per attempt.
  12. So just to circle the wagons this was brought up 8 years ago and nothing was done because no one really cares... I don't see any reason why not to adjust this skill in some way to make it less of a pain. There is no reason any new player should have to grind for 8 hours straight just to be able to put a basic thatch roof on a single story building. Change my mind. My suggestion is to reduce the level required to place a single story roof to 5.
  13. Premium time can already be given in game via trade of silver. This doesn't serve a purpose and adds extra dev time to implement something that already exists.
  14. [20:05:52] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. This thread can be locked.
  15. Iltigor you are the winner, which character would you like me to CoD the barrel to?