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  1. Please add a highway/tunnel from 5732,-6389 to 5732,-6079
  2. So sad.. Rest in peace Tich, and thank you for everything you gave us.
  3. 20 below water for the larger ships, but max depth makes it nice and flat
  4. You can mine down under water deep enough for all ships.
  5. Hi, I can take care of the collapsing and making a new entrance when it comes to that, its just that my nahjo priest isn't premium atm, and i'd like to have a couple of more tasks for him before i spend the silvers on it.
  6. I did some work on the eastern entrance a few weeks ago. The lava did not seem to cool down, so I collapsed a few tiles and surfacemined it down, and then moved the entrance back a couple of tiles. I was able to mine out one of the 3 opening tiles, but the other 2 gave the 'Unstable...' message, have not tried again after the last server restart.
  7. Close please

    Hi, I'll buy the drake hide lot for 23s Please CoD to Snowtech.
  8. sold

    Hi, please COD to Snowtech.
  9. Still only shows half of the tunnel.
  10. Rift 19.5

    Have some problems making the image show after the forum upgrade. (or i forgot how to paste a link...)
  11. Hm, doesn't seem like the update of the name and end points of the canal worked.
  12. Holding ctrl while moving will align to small grids, holding alt while moving will move in larger grids
  13. Maybe the Mole Senses spell could be used for this? Make it castable on a wall and let it show the distance and height difference to openings ahead. Or it could be part of the analyse function.
  14. The tunnel from 4830, -4775 to 3290, -4770 is now two tiles wide and passable with knarrs and smaller boats. Can you please rename it to: East Hammer Lake canal.