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  1. WTS

    I still have these
  2. WTS

    WTS Sleep powder x22 1 silver each or 20 silver for all. Lorewood Gardens Xanadu S/E of Summerholt ( at 6810, 2449) Feel free to contact me here, or in game on saraie
  3. Skarra:

    Touched my no no place.

    10/10 would be touched again.

  4. Touch Me!!!! also, free head bobs


  5. Please add Rosea Retreat at 6880 -2438 Thank you!!
  6. Avatar airplanes in latest patch are OP. Please nerf. -"Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full..."
  7. Thanks for the update. The trees look amazing. Also Head bobbing.
  8. Perhaps you missed the point. Posts are not "trolling" just because you do not like (or do not understand) the point. I wont bother to clarify in more simple terms because as evidenced in the rest of the would not "get it" anyway.
  9. that it is easier for new players to learn the game...I think a refund of all the time it actually took me, versus the time it would take me learn about Wurm should be reimbursed. A conversion of time to coffee, or time to chocolate would be acceptable of course. Thanks for your...time.
  10. Once the deed reduction is done...please remove all players that were helped in the old system because..they clearly were not the real reason help was made available. Fair is fair.
  11. Also make my internet connection, my gas bill, water bill, electric bill and such free too. kthx
  12. This is an amazing idea. Fantastic work.