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  1. I have found a village, thanks to everyone for replying to my thread and anwering my questions
  2. I will stay on Epic i'm sure- Just need to find a village of about medium size that is interested in having me then I don't have too lousy skills i have around 40 in a variety of skills Thanks for answering the questions people!
  3. Chaos? Is that a new PvP server like Epic? what's the difference? (as you know i haven't been playing Wurm for a while so i'm unaware of the new things)
  4. Hello i have a few questions to which i hope you (the reader) can help me get answers for! I have been playing wurm about 9 months ago and have been thinking about coming back once in a while. The reason why i'm posting this thread is to ask if the people think it's a good time to return or not? I remember i was playing on Epic as a HOTS character the last time i logged off. My questions goes as follows: 1. Has Epic changed and is it still called Epic? 2. Are there any villages of medium size who participates in PvP that are looking for new members? 3. Is Epic still "epic" or are there not that many people there anymore or does everyone have 99 skill in stuff already which leaves to point to starting again to compete with hardcore players? Thanks for reading and i hope you can answer some of these questions
  5. Bumping this in the hopes of this may help others if they have the same problems!
  6. I once had a problem like this and found that downloading a program like EVGA precision X, that can control your graphics card voltage, and i set mine specifically to i think it was 1.025V ( i have gtx geforece 580) I even crashed lots of time before i did this, but when i had done this and put it to 1.025V i had NO crashes EVER. maybe this is a thing worth trying?
  7. After trying various fixes i've found that (so far) i've been avoiding crashes where i would else have gotten 10 crashes if you estimated the time between each crash. As stated before I've got a GTX 580. What i did was that i downloaded "EVGA Precision" which is a GPU monitoring program which can modify the GPU (graphics card) voltage including other things. What i did was i checked what my voltage was and it was at default 1001 mV. I changed that through the program to go up to 1025mV. and now i haven't gotten the crashes i used to! I hope this can help others too with the same problems!
  8. Hey, thanks for helping me out here, but sadly this didn't work out for me :/ I still receive the error. I'm not sure what to do.. the graphics are even on medium even though my GTX 580 should be able to handle everything on high without lag... Got any ideas? :/ *EDIT* I've also got a similar crash which tells me like: "NVIDIA windows Kernel Mode driver, version 306.97 stopped answering and is recovered" I've just updated all my drivers but still crashing regularly...
  9. Hello, I've had this problem for a long time now and I think it's time to ask for help. i've tried many things to get rid of this problem but it all failed in vain... So if anybody could help me with this i'd greatly appreciate it! It happens quite frequently. sometimes 20 minutes into the game, sometimes 5 minutes. it's VERY annoying. The error: "The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue." I'm redirected to this site: http://nvidia.custhe...etail/a_id/3007 I've tried the first option "Reduce the graphics workload if possible, such as rendering to a lower resolution or with less detail." - but That doesn't help. I haven't tried the second option because i'm not sure how i should do it.. Thanks in advance!
  10. Problem seem to be fixed after i uninstalled my java (i had 3 different java versions on my PC- don't ask me why) but yes... uninstalled the java and reinstalled the newest version
  11. Did you find a fix for this? i've had this error for a long time aswell.. it's damn annoying..
  12. hell yeah! when is the animation patch coming aswell? do you plan on releasing it with everything else?
  13. The server stays on Connecting to Server and nothing happens. we've been restarting the client over and over again for the past 30 minutes but nothing works. We joined through the portal once it went up, but we landed in the ocean and then the loading screen suddenly popped up. Any assistance?