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  1. # What happened: video here # What is expected: The inability to lead animals through completed chain fences # Steps to reproduce: Lead animal, walk around completed fence, lead animal through completed fence # Additional information * Horse is branded to the deed this was captured on. * Surrounding fence is unfinished. * Have only attempted this bug on Marble Chain Fence
  2. It's right around (1215, 880) I believe. Between J18 and J19 on the Deli Map.
  3. Thank you, that's good information What is the best method for determining when it will start?
  4. I am just returning to Wurm after a long absence, and I am now learning about the rift addition to the game. I noticed a new rift beam that spawned east of Deli Keep today, and from what I know that means the event will start in 2 days. I don't have a high fight skill, but I would like to participate in the rift event. Are there other players, or a specific group I should reach out to be included (or just show up periodically to see if it has started)? Any info would be awesome, thank you.
  5. Thank you for your hospitality, and generosity, friend.
  6. I would like the OsioHoney, and the BalletHunting Mares, if i may. Claiming them for Brentox I will be available to come get them w/in the next day, or early next week. I can come down and pick them up