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  1. Sad news she was very helpful to me ingame although I havent played for quite a while its the good ones you remember. RIP
  2. if you create a zone for the NPC's to walk in the NE coords place instead the NW and in the SW coords place instead the SE coords, any other combo glitches but thats working for me atm
  3. would probably just lead to more disconnects/teleporting from people riding into them more
  4. So like the title says make groups in the crafting window for all the different wall and fence types that you hit the + to expand to make sorting through wall and fence types easier and if its possible make the crafting window remember and open how you had it set for the last wall you built when you move to the next one rather than resetting each time you add a wall plan to it.
  5. running the low memory client I'm able to open all 5 clients no problem but moving around even just on one is the issue
  6. yeah even just one on the lower settings
  7. still having issues with jerky movement and its just ruining the game for me, even just turning around will do it, any suggestions would be appreciated, System win10 64 bit AMD 2.3Ghz quad core 8 GB ram and Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GT730 graphics card if no suggestions can be made or the systems just not up to the game upgrade I'd like to request the legacy client as I had no problems with running that with up to 5 clients smoothly. Console log for my main Console log for alts (I run this on 4 clients with the above one open.....or at least I did once )
  8. yeah same its reflecting the sea floor onto the sea surface and creating like a wall of image that shouldn't be there which at times that is hard to tell if its land or reflection
  9. tried this and had the low memory client go from 50-70% cpu usage and 3+gb ram to 30-40% 1.2-1.6gb
  10. jerky movement walking round of a night and in caves especially but a little in daylight too but a lot smoother during the day, confused lighting darkens tiles randomly I first put this down to maybe some hanging lamps being pushed into walls a little too far but then outside on a 2 tile wide road there were tiles that were darkened tiles also which corrected as you approached them. Minor right click menu refreshing more than used to get. I tried to limit the dynamic lighting and noticed the hover over recommends Max Dynamic Lights (if limit is enabled) part recommends 0 yet the lowest available setting is 1 but this didnt seem to make any difference to the movement but did make the lighting pretty drab looking Steel mine door image inside a mine is sideways Reinforced walls turn sideways when the mine door is closed on the entry tile and correct when the door opens
  11. tried your suggestion and it did seem to help but not totally solve the movement jerkiness, will try again sometime with a lower number (assuming lowering = better performance) I did just both the regular and low memory unstable clients and they are much the same in terms of movement with multiple clients open (ran 4 this time round) 1 on regular unstable and 3 on low memory clients. log for regular unstable
  12. They all react the same way tbh so here's I think the most recent one
  13. is this the console.(character name) files? if so and I use mainly 2 different settings do you need/want an example of each?
  14. Tried out the unstable low memory client today and found it pretty poor, moving around is jerky kinda like mini pauses every few steps and switching between windows (I use resized windows) is delayed noticably more than the stable client. Loading seems to be longer too when logging in and interupts the other clients more than loading the stable client even just the second client which usually starts to happen to me on the 4th or 5th client with the stable client. I tried a few of my saved settings but doesnt really seem to matter which ones I chose but if you want more info on them direct me to the right folders and I can provide those. My System: AMD Phenom 9650 Quadcore 2.3GHz 8 GB ram 2 GB Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GT730 64 bit Win 10 Running on a wifi connection (sorry dont know the speed of it or how to see it)