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  1. *bump* fresh batch available today!
  2. You're also forgetting about coinlab, which significantly devalues ingame coin. People who for whatever reason couldn't buy money now can make it for free
  3. dark, can you please move isilinde up one block to 29x, 13/14y line? we also have a mailbox now. thanks
  4. Hot off the grill oven! This week's offering: 100 choice spider cutlets of 15.9ql Key to the fsb is available anytime on the Isilinde trader (36AW on the map). The FSB is located on the shore. Delivery may be available, just send a pm.
  5. For when players need to take a step away from the keyboard without having to log off. Sitting activates an optional stopwatch that you set ("Out to lunch, be back in 10:30"). The timer would appear under the character name when anyone hovers over them (and perhaps as an autoresponse to /tells?). The goal of this change would be to 1) give incentive to build furniture and 2) convenience of knowing when that person you crossed half the map to meet will be back.
  6. 6) Shieldwall Bay, after that rather unique looking mountain stretching across it.
  7. If it didn't bisect the map so completely, I'd vote vote boat, but it seems unfair to cut off half the map from carts/nonswimmers. It seems like a road would be less of an inconvenience (only pushing boats 1 tile v. pushing carts 3) from kami's description of the problems.
  8. I just cleared out my first set of tools, so we're definitely getting visitors. Right now most of my stuff caters towards my lower level neighbors; I'm confidant adding more varied merchants will increase traffic.
  9. please add a merchant to isilinde (25x11y) when you have a chance dm thanks!
  10. Located at 25x, 11y We invite to public to place your merchants at our stalls - rent-free for early comers! We've got 3 market stalls left, with more planned as space fills up. Currently Available Items: Assorted Ropes Hatchet - 30ql Saw - 29ql Assorted Pelts 100 cooked meat (bin) - ~16ql Horses! GOLDENJOLLY Young Adult Male Black No traits [*]ECKERMAX Adolescent Foal Male White It can carry more than average It is a tough bugger Amenities: Mailbox (48cc) Low-rent bed 40ql Carpentry Items (by request) 30ql BS items (by request) Public Oven Public Loom Delivery & Prices negotiable, just send forum/in-game PM.
  11. We have a big clay patch under water; there's one tile along the cliff shallow enough to dig There's a lot more cliffs & hills in the area too
  12. Land'o'lakes inn has a bed available Hidden valley icon should be moved..into the valley. align to top line of current tile, centered.