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  1. Like the title says, I would like to know where the monsters on Cadence are, since I cannot find them. I am currently planted about 250 tiles north of Sonata at "Leap Village". I have already spent 4 hours off road hunting the most desolate spots I could find north on the river I am on. Nothing. So where are the monsters at. Also here's what I don't want to hear in return that the server is too densely populated near where I am at for there to be many spawns, I also don't need a guide to hunting. I simply am looking for pockets of monsters to hunt on the server, thank you. In return if you give me your name I will reward any player that gives me good info. Paying Customer
  2. thank you so much. Out of curiosity, will we ever see an in-game press 'M' map that shows our current topology? Or even a chance that the graphics.jar file that the default maps reside in will become more accessable and moddable for placing your own map in game for use?
  3. This topic desperately needs a "how to" video for set up. I am semi-programmer myself (game developer grad) and I have found this to be a dizzy-ing process as a newcomer to server set up for something like this interactive map tool. Josh
  4. On top of that honestly ~ It's an interesting aspect to the game perfectly functional and fair or not .. to continue toward the path of homogenized MMO gaming won't cont to net you the clients that don't want to play WoW and yet do want to play online roleplaying game.
  5. Bad call to get rid of player protection. And this is the only effective deterrent from griefing. Need to come up with better solutions to your problem of addressing pvp on a non pvp server than punishing paying players for using their only real defense.