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  1. so whens the live stream so we can all go yell at each other?
  2. Will be there too if the timing works out
  3. Sign me up! I'm close by with 70+ fighting. Char in game is Teedis
  4. Rake, Iron (C88) - 82c to Teedis
  5. Up For auction 94.38 QL Star Diamond Starting Bid: 6 s Minimum Increments: 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: Open to offers. Located on Celebration. Can pick up at The Misfit market or COD to buyer. Message Teedis in game for more information.
  6. So many tasks and so little time!

  7. Hey could I get 2000 stone bricks and 2000 mortar? I'm located on cele and will pick up. Please pm on here with approx pickup time .
  8. Hey, I need 2k mortar and 2k stone bricks. Located near Amish Paradise . Can pick up if needed. Message me on here or Teedis in game.