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  1. Hatchet, Steel QL 2.51 coc87 for 1.25$ CoD to Roysta please
  2. Damn you Wulfgar, i *only* need the rare leather knife... all the others i got already... and preferably high BotD on that one heh... Anyways, nice set for a Leatherworker in the making ! Love bump <3
  3. This is different. Last night the login server was down, today it's only Xanado.
  4. That brings me up thinking again... could they have more then 1 single stage 'unfinished' model of certain things in this game? I have been building a caravel... and for the first 1715 pieces, the under construction boat looks totally the same, from the first to the second last piece... :/ Would be nice to start only with the body, add the masts as they get added etc.
  5. same for me 'connection refused' trying to log in on my main to xanado, just now.
  6. nw... in the middle of building one... btw, might be interesting to know this too: Ship building skill 48 + 2x keel section Ql.51 = 20% for creation
  7. the 10 oars are missing in the Total Components List, hence the total amount should also be 1716
  8. Dear fellow Wurmians, This auction is for the following shiny wheels: Starting Bid: 12 $ilvers Minimum increment: 1 $ilver Buyout: 35 $ilvers No Reserve, No Private Bidding Sniper Protection: 1 hour Pick-up on Deliverance (west coast) | Can be imped to QL50 on request. Can be delivered (not Pristine, not Release, Xanado only west coast) for an extra 2 $ilvers. Happy bidding !
  9. tbh, i'd -1 this one some casts nowadays are already 'too easy' or 'too wide spread', and this would only add a mass of items, having a negative influence on the market...
  10. - a hull plank will not fit into a sailing boat - a tall kingdom banner won't fit into anything at all
  11. Yea, good vid guys! Why do kids not stop playing with their Lego, once the 'castle' or 'police station' is built (set goal)? ... 'cos it s Fun! (no goal)
  12. Seryll chain jacket, COD to Roysta please.
  13. make smaller fenced areas... like 1x2 tiles for 1 or 2 animals each, like boxes...
  14. thanks for pointing this out... but maybe after reading this twice he might actually stay for once, and actually fight instead of having his alts mouthbashing all night long...