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  1. Hi, I'd like to buy 2 drake hide sleeves, either red, white or black. They can be at creation ql. Either enchanted or not.
  2. Staircase, wide with bannister ... same issue... I guess this 'continue building' on right-click menu is *slightly* broken
  3. Wooden plank floor : same issue. [23:01:17] The floor is in an invalid state to be continued.
  4. So... I plan the floor on the ground floor of a building. I chose stone brick floor. It plans and uses 1 brick + 1 mortar. [22:39:13] You see a floor under construction. The floor requires 9 stone bricks and 9 mortar to be finished. [22:39:13] QL = 3.5197396, dam=0.0. When right-clicking and chosing to 'continue building' i get: [22:42:35] The floor is in an invalid state to be continued. [Deliverance server] I then added the floor to the crafting window (upon suggestion by Odynn, tnx!). Adding the trowel into the second item window, I was able to continue and finish the floor. Please fix.
  5. Nobody likes socks for Christmas... well, tbh, i'd even play Wurm without Xmas presents... then again, they'd be so much more appreciated if they were useful in a way or another... thanks, it's decorative and adds to the festive mood
  6. i ll wait for you to try and ship those out from Choas muhahahaha
  7. Nw Xan Impalong

    Ha ha... nice to see that the Shrimpalong will also be there ! <3 Leave me some leathers ! ><
  8. Well... i encountered this right after fog...
  9. An old favourite returns: Added halter rope to lead up to 4 animals with single item. YAY
  10. Please remove video for kingdom publicity from weekly news ! Or add one for the BEST KINGDOM ever : MOL REHAN !!
  11. *round* as such might be difficult... but we could work with *diagonals* too... make it octogonal or so
  12. Nw Xan Impalong

    * Highlithed red in my calendar * » Can imp to 70+: Blacksmithing / Leatherworking » Can imp to 50+: Fine Carp / Ship Building / Chain Armour » Can troll to 90+ See y'all there !
  13. http:// www. /index.php/ Goat_shape
  14. out of curiosity... sig on this ?
  15. ^ this what happened to me for the record, i did not get reimbursed: Logging started 2015-06-19 [20:41:42] <Idunn> Hello, GM responding to your support call 32440. [20:41:51] <Roysta> o/ [20:41:57] <Idunn> Hi Roysta [20:43:21] <Idunn> I'm afraid this situation does not qualify for any reimbursement - we cant reimubrse for client/server lag or connectivity issues [20:43:27] <Idunn> [20:44:27] <Idunn> In the past we may have reimbursed if our server graphs showed some disturbance, but this is no longer the case (and when I checked did not show at the time of your ticket either) [20:45:45] <Roysta> There have been many situations like this in the past, its the same concept as the digging death bug, the slope drops below you and the client gets confused until it reconnects and throws y [20:45:58] <Roysta> you and the client gets confused until it reconnects and throws you on the ground. [20:46:04] <Idunn> We do not reimburse for that either [20:46:11] <Idunn> [20:46:18] <Idunn> [20:46:48] <Roysta> The client should recognise if someone disconnects, its a fault with the game engine mechanics [20:48:12] <Idunn> I'm sorry, this is not something we can reimburse for. Please do thoroughly read Rolf's post as well as the others [20:49:33] <Roysta> it s something you should reimburse, it s a fault within the game... [20:50:44] <Roysta> i cannot continue 'working' on what i am if this is the case, then i cannot continue play reasonably... [20:52:16] <Roysta> please consider the amaount of time i have been premium for continous time, enjoying the game so far, and the number of occasions this has happened to me (it s the first time) [20:52:53] <Idunn> I am truely sorry for you losses, but my hands are tied [20:53:16] <Idunn> I doubt youd have luck but you could try posting on the forums/that thread that rolf responded on [20:53:34] <Roysta> plz forward my support ticket to someone whose hands aren't tied [20:53:56] <Roysta> i will be patient [20:54:11] <Idunn> Rolf himself has issued the word on this - as on the first post I sent to you [20:54:35] <Roysta> [20:55:03] <Roysta> this is clearly stopping me from my activity [20:56:05] <Idunn> Hello, GM responding to your support call 32440. [20:57:31] <Idunn> I'm very sorry. I will be closing out the ticket now. [20:57:53] <Roysta> but i spent REAL cash for the res stone, the skills i won't miind that* much... [20:59:39] <Roysta> please inform Enki of this support call, and please let him have a look at this, as said, i will be patient to wait for him to have time [21:02:17] <Idunn> I will inform him, if he has anything other to say he will contact you - as I said Rolf himself has issued the ruling on these situations [21:04:07] <Roysta> ok, thanks Idunn, also send my greetings to Enki please
  16. [02:26:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. from Udsniper to Jharm.
  17. [22:58:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. sent by Floki.
  18. Grats Archaed, you won the auction with your bid of 7 Silvers ! However, do you have an alt i can CoD it to? [22:25:19] Archaed is with the Black Legion. You may not trade with the enemy.
  19. spoken like a true warrior
  20. Hello, One more shiny weapon for auction (can be equiped with a shield): [00:42:16] A medium sized battle axe with a wooden shaft. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You will want to polish the axe with a pelt before you improve it. [00:42:16] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''. (Kaatzen) Buyer pays CoD 20c from Chaos. Starting bid: 5 Silvers Increments: 1 Silver Buy-Out: 12 Silvers (or 9 Silvers for active Mol Rehan kingdom member, and only 10c CoD ofc )