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  1. Hi, since the latest update, when i try placing a carpet on the floor, it shows as if it d do exactly that (hovers over floor), but as soon as i click to actually place it, the carpet hovers in mid air (hip high). This is all indoors.
  2. hmh, 20 silvers is a little steep. i would offer you 12 silvers as a first bid if you accept.
  3. please COD rare longsowrd, rare shield and oil of the weaponsmith to Roysta. Tnx
  4. Rare Spatula Oak (1.8s) Rare Clay Shaper Oak (1.8s) plz COD to Roysta
  5. Hi there, I need a few blue dyes please (Total 20kg). From your list : 2 kg - powder blue 2 kg - light sky blue 5 kg - deep sky blue 2 kg - dodger blue 5 kg - steel blue 2 kg - turquoise 2 kg - med. purple Please CoD to Roysta. Tnx in advance!
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to buy up to a total of 2kg of drake hide. You can pm and then CoD me in game , Roysta , and i 'm purchasing at 50c per 0.01kg. Tnx in advance.
  7. My alt Udsniper will CoD the following items od scale to Farscape in game: - 0.379 (28.40 silvers) - 2* 0.261 (2* 19.58 silvers) - 0.109 (8.20 silvers) Total: 1.010 kg scale for 75.76 silvers. [16:08:21] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Farscape in less than ten minutes.
  8. sure thing, i ll try get close to 1kg for you.
  9. this would really look nice with my bulkward shield ...
  10. Hi, I've got some Scale bits, and I'm looking to exchange them for Drake Hide at a ratio of 2:3. I'll trade 0.02kg scale per 0.03kg drake hide (preferably blue). Some pieces may also be sold for 75c / 0.01 kg. Exact weights of scale items: 0.786 kg 0.379 kg 0.379 kg 0.261 kg 0.261 kg 0.109 kg 0.109 kg T: 2.284
  11. good sale, was at work this afernoon, missed my chance to get in there at the end 😕 good bid Fossil, good sale Rock !