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  1. oh no, sry, just noticed too
  2. hi, can you please send me 5kg of each yellow 255,215,0 and blue 0,87,183 ? tnx
  3. i totally +1 this, atm there s an FSB for vegetables, an FSB for fruit, an FSB for meat, an FSB for ... i think you get what i mean
  4. picture: location:,298 also some update to highways added into picture
  5. hey there, i ve notice my post has gotten removed, so here the important info: West Olive Lake Canal made connecting E16 in game map into Olive Lake, up north on the Exodus map.
  6. ** free bump for this incredible extraordinary item forged in the fire of a dragon's mouth **
  7. last 2 days - lowered the minimum bid
  8. Starting Bid: 40s 20s Min Inc: 2s Buyout: Offer Sniper: 1hour
  9. can close

    5s, sry was too late
  10. follow this link for a screen shot
  11. Pick up from Blackbeardxiii at H 25 igm on Exodus. Accessible by boat.
  12. Starting auction at 6 silvers. Increments: 50 coppers sniper protect 1 hour.
  13. Hi, Could we please get a hissing sounds instead of the hammering one when tempering an item during smithing actions ? something like "t'shshshshshs". Regards, Roy
  14. [13:48:44] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  15. Starting bid: 2 Silvers Min. Increment: 50 coppers Buyout: 6 Silvers Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  16. Hi, I like the auto fight, but i don't like how it's randomly switching from Aggressive to Defensive Fighting... Would be nice to have a means to 'hard lock' the fighting style you want to use. Tnx
  17. 7 (cos you need the cash)
  18. i was more about esthetics... but you can add weapons onto a toolbelt slot, right click to equip ... so switching is rather easy as is already...
  19. Hi, It'd be nice to be able to carry a sword or an axe, besides a quiver, on the hip slot ... maybe even be able to carry a polearm on the back ... ? Regards, Roysta
  20. nice auction - free bump