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  1. most tools fit into a weapon rack atm.
  2. iron spear sold. list updated.
  3. 1) rare long spear oak 82ql - 6s ; 2) rare spear iron 85ql - 7s ; 3) rare pick iron 92ql w71c79 - 4s50c ; 4) rare pick iron 92ql w89c96 - 5s
  4. This might have been looked into with latest patch. My hell horse stays 'blue' , friendly, now, and doesn't seem to eat no more meat out of the hitching post anymore at all.
  5. I have never had any food inside the hitching post at all. But I have found now, once I have put food inside, that the hell horse stays 'blue' as long as there is food inside. Which should not be necessary as the hitching post is on an enchanted grass tile. This hitching post is inside my house, and I simply don't want the hell horse to walk around freely, but stay in it's corner. As said above, when I used to hitch my 'red' aggressive hell horse to the hitching post, it would stay aggressive, only by taming and then un-taming it, and hitching it right away after the un-taming, it would become 'blue' non aggressive. Regards, Roy
  6. Hi, I've been hitching a branded Hell Horse to a hitching post on an enchanted grass tile. To do so, i used to tame the hell horse, un-tame it, and hitch it. The horse's colour would turn blue, and it would stay hitched and non aggressive, so you can just walk by, and so can my alts. Now this is not working anymore, the hell horse becomes aggressive / stays aggressive. Hence when I want to unhitch it, I can't because it is attacking me. Regards, Roy
  7. plz point me to the right one, didnt see that, oc fourse can make a screen shot
  8. Here's my entry to the list 'Whacky and Wild': (I stare at it for quite a while, but start to walk around at about 4 minutes 30 seconds into the recording)
  9. I'm sorry but i am talking PvP, and I'm not gonna argue with people that call Defiance a fix. NFI are useless and should have never been created. There have been enough servers as was. There was absolute no need to invent another altered reality, which is completely set apart from the real 15 year old game.
  10. There s one main issue I have noticed about PvP, and many people that I know feel the same. There used to be a time you could grab your shield, sword and half decent armour, and just go out and fight, however, nowadays if you re not - 90+ Fighting skill (and sub skills) - 90+ Sickle skill - wear a Scales set with fully enchanted 90+ Web Armour on all parts (and corresponding helm) - are a Priest - have taken most of the Tomes - have Path of Power or Shield of the Gone, meditation at 70+ - have moon metal weapons, i.e. Adamantine sickle - have 3 different weapons on you for different situations, with different top level enchants , e.g. Life Transfer, Acid Charge, Frost Brand, ... - have 3 sets of different jewellery on you to switch around, also depending on situation (acid protection, corrosion, ...) - have 4 sets of rare saddles and rare horse shoes with 90+ WoA enchants, and 4 best full speed traits Hell Horses +top level barding you are simply not competitive enough to stand any chance of not being slaughtered in 2 to 3 hits.
  11. looking good, thanks for keeping updating the game
  12. I definitely agree that running around spamming fight on mobs, and not really helping killing any, should not be rewarded vs people doing all the job. +1