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  1. Fanart Competition - Tapestries!

    The Volcano: Sailing by the underwater volcano with the withe light in the background.
  2. Valrei International 017

    i do like the addition of new bushes i m still waiting for my rose hedges to change from that default hedge look ...
  3. Valrei International. 015

    when do we get models for rose hedges? but... i love those new brick designs, all of them !
  4. Green Dragon Hatchling Slaying

  5. Close Please

    Hi, i'd like the red drake hide boot please. Please pm me ingame before CODing.
  6. The Red Dragon Hatchling of Wolf Mountain

    Trying to attend
  7. SOLD ** WTS Emeralds Total QL 2200

    Sold, please Close
  8. SOLD ** WTS Emeralds Total QL 2200

    no one ?
  9. SOLD ** WTS Emeralds Total QL 2200

    still selling
  10. Asking for 18 Silvers. Pick up North Exodus C18 igm - or delivery can be arranged for an extra Silver (no delivery to Xanado, nor Chaos).
  11. allow lockpicking off deed

    i don't like the fact, that if it is not allowed, the mechanics still let you do it. It should just not be possible to do it.
  12. Why I quit Wurm PvP

    If you lose things on Chaos through gameplay, then don't blame others... I'd never taken stuff to that sever I wasn't willing to lose... However, we got RL data stolen, not through gameplay as intended. This is illegal and hence should be punished by RL prison. Is this so hard to understand?
  13. *SOLD* rare small maul QL88

    [02:34:02] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Sent by Floki to Asirtan (as requested in pm)
  14. *SOLD* rare small maul QL88

    looks like we have a winner... CoD to which toon?