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  1. Menu bar this is currently on my old pc, new UI. I cannot find how to display this on my new pc. i copied and transfered the config.txt and wondows.txt files. didnt work either. ESC and O only toggle the big bulky buttons, and so does ticking or unticking Menu Bar as shown by Ohana above. PLEASE HELP ME
  2. Menu bar

    this is not working for me, ticking unticking that option just shows or hides the big bulky buttons
  3. oh no, sry, just noticed too
  4. hi, can you please send me 5kg of each yellow 255,215,0 and blue 0,87,183 ? tnx
  5. i totally +1 this, atm there s an FSB for vegetables, an FSB for fruit, an FSB for meat, an FSB for ... i think you get what i mean
  6. picture: location:,298 also some update to highways added into picture
  7. hey there, i ve notice my post has gotten removed, so here the important info: West Olive Lake Canal made connecting E16 in game map into Olive Lake, up north on the Exodus map.
  8. ** free bump for this incredible extraordinary item forged in the fire of a dragon's mouth **
  9. last 2 days - lowered the minimum bid
  10. Starting Bid: 40s 20s Min Inc: 2s Buyout: Offer Sniper: 1hour
  11. can close

    5s, sry was too late
  12. follow this link for a screen shot