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  1. Problem:

    Using the Path of Power ability: Erupt on an exposed rock tile above a Sandstone vein gives the following message: [20:09:47] Nothing happens.

    Indeed, nothing happens, the ability does not go on cooldown and no further error message is given.


    Expected Behaviour:

    The tile above and the wall below should turn into lava with the following message: [20:13:08] The rock starts to bubble with lava.

    This is how it works for other veins and even reinforced cave walls.

    If melting sandstone is not intended, an error message should be given out.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Alexgopen said:

    I think upon reading this the devs will find out that lead horses currently walk through fences, and instead of implementing your suggestion will make fences also block horses since walking through walls is a totally immersion breaking bug 


    I wouldn't put that beyond them xD


    But in case they are reading, please consider this.

    How much does getting frustrated over game mechanics break immersion?


    Also sure, a better system for leading could fix that. But devs have said before they'd rather implement simple fast solutions.

    Letting horses through walls is so much easier and even exists already. A better leading system would take much work and may not even be worth it.

  3. For the love of Magranon, please.


    Let us lead animals through house walls like we can through fences.

    The amount of trouble arising from the way it works right now is ridiculous.



    - Lead a horse through a bunch of houses going somewhere, arrive at your destination, realise horse got stuck, go back and search for it, fun times.

    - Lead a horse inside a deed mine, it gets bugged and stays above ground, then gets stuck in a random wall in an unpredictable spot, good luck finding it again.


    This is so damn common I cannot believe it is still in game years later.

    It still happens to me at least once every week, sometimes multiple times a day, even with deeds specifically built to avoid that!


    Why does this even work this way!?

    Do you hope it would stop horses from getting stuck in other peoples houses? Well guess what, that can happen anyway!

    Is it to prevent people from dragging all sorts of aggressive animals inside other peoples houses? How about sort that out properly instead!

    Perhaps check that you can only stop leading through gates/doors you got permissions for, which might be in already afaik!


    I know I'm not the only one with this problem!





    House walls no longer stop you from leading horses.


    Phew, that's out of my system now. Still fix plz.


  4. 30 minutes ago, ausimus said:

    Personally think you should be able to paint the rune and have the color from the painted rune transfer over.


    that would be amazing!

    Color roulette isn't very fun!

    Though I guess it gives items a touch of unique? *shrug*

  5. I did one with a rune already, it's what made me want more control over the color actually :)

    For example, after meshing around in an image editor, I'd really like an RGB=(210,190,40) on this specific tower.

    Hard to get that with a rune :(


    PS: You can decrease their size too

  6. just make gumps slower by 20-30%

    easy change, world of difference


    a proper rework would be great though

    plain removing would make me sad


    a reward for killing valrei mobs could help keep their pop down and make encountering them more fun

    even just 50-300 karma points depending on creature could work