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  1. I have observed the following when I logged on this morning: The oven I had lit late yesterday afternoon was glitched in the burning state, and said: [08:51:44] An oven made from stone bricks and clay intended for cooking and baking. It is glowing from the heat. The oven has some irregularities that must be removed with a stone chisel. Ql: 70.2299, Dam: 0.0. The fire burns with wild flames and still has much unburnt material. The forge I hadn't lit for at least a day was glitched in the burning state, and said: [08:51:39] A forge made from stone bricks and clay, intended for smelting and smithing. It is glowing from the heat. The forge has some irregularities that must be removed with a stone chisel. Ql: 70.3081, Dam: 0.0. Only a hot, red glowing bed of coal remains of the fire now. And all six of my stills (70QL), which I had fueled before logging off yesterday evening were also glitched in the burning state, and said: [08:41:56] A still used in distilling alcohol. It is glowing from the heat. You need to polish the still with a pelt. Ql: 70.2886, Dam: 0.0. The fire burns steadily and will still burn for a long time. I snuffed all eight of them and re-lit them. All other forges, smelters, and kilns on-deed that haven't been used within the last 24 - 48 hours do not appear to be stuck in the burning state.
  2. Beverage overhaul

    +1 While I'm not as supportive of adding modern-day-type drinks, I am definitely supportive of making beverages more viable. There really should be a market for beverages along with significant benefits for high quality, aged/refined alcohol. There are so many different types and variants of alcohol that could be added, even trying to keep with the medieval-type feel of the game, that could accommodate additional affinities like OP mentioned. I just started working on fermenting and distilling various types of alcohol and was surprised and disappointed when I found out how undesirable alcohol currently is, despite the -50% damage buff and increased difficulty for tasks that can be achieved. (You'd think those alone would be very sought after).. It would be nice to see beverages become more functional in the game.
  3. I am currently selling 5 sleeping powders for 5s in Deliverance. Please message SirRick in-game if interested. Thanks!
  4. Looking for Frainna, Mayor of The Old Barn

    Thanks for reading the post and taking the time to reply. I sent you a PM.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking to speak with Frainna, the mayor of the deed The Old Barn. If anyone knows Frainna or knows how I can get a hold of them, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Selling a batch of 7 Sleeping Powders for 10s. Free delivery to anywhere in deliverance. Please post here or contact SirRick in-game. Thanks!
  7. Hello there! Are you looking for someone to do some digging? How about some plank or stone brick grinding? Look no further! Digging = 1s per 1,000 dirt Stone Bricks = 1.75s per 1,000 bricks Planks = 1s per 1,000 planks Free delivery of resources to anywhere in Deliverance. Please post here if interested, or contact SirRick or Marsilia in-game. Thanks!
  8. Auction: Supreme Village Recruitment Board

    Auction is over. I'm online for the next hour and I'll be on later as well. Please drop SirRick a PM so we can arrange the exchange. Thanks!
  9. A board where you can find villages that are looking for new residents. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Ql: 44.579037, Dam: 0.0. Located at Fairwood (15x,11y) in Deliverance. Can be delivered anywhere in Deliverance. Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Bidding Increments: 0.5s
  10. Fireflies And Jars

    A glass-blowing pipe could work.
  11. Email Account Holder Before Disband

    I tend to like the idea of having a notification when a deed is about to expire, but you should've checked your upkeep, done the math, and written down on a calendar when it would be time to add more money to maintain your deed.
  12. Wtb 1K Dirt

    Still need 1k dirt?
  13. Gallifrey Recruiting

    I'm the mayor of a neighboring deed relatively close to these guys. I can vouch, they're nice people.