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  1. Actually, just checked some of the prices. Scratch that. 60c per 0.1kg on the high quality and 40c per 0.1kg on the low quality lump.
  2. We'd be willing to do 75c per 0.1kg on the high quality lumps and 50c per 0.1kg on the low-quality lump.
  3. [17:04:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks!
  4. FOR SALE: Rare Herbs - 10c each 97.98QL Seryll Lump - 3.4s Potion of Leatherworking - 2s Salve of Frost - 1.5s Potion of Acid - 1.5s each Blood - 1.5s each High QL Adamantine - 60c per 0.1kg Low QL Adamantine - 40c per 0.1kg Rare Sprouts - 10c each 30.00QL Seryll, 1.00kg - 2.5s 53.05QL Seryll, 1.00kg - 2.7s Rare Peat - 10c Rare Pottery Brick - 10c 86QL Rare Iron Lump - 15c Other Rare Iron Lumps - 10c each Rare Electrum Lump - OFFER SOLD: Rare Lead Lumps - 60c total Rare Shaft - 25c Supreme Hunting Arrow - 15c Supreme Kindling - 20c Glimmersteel Lumps - 10s total 98QL Oil of the Armorsmith - 2s 72QL Oil of the Armorsmith - 2s Oil of Weaponsmith - 14s total Potion of Mining - 2.75s 99QL Seryll Lump - 3.5s 30QL Seryll Lump, 1.53kg - 3.8s 69.88QL Seryll Lump, 1.53kg - 3.95s Potion of Woodcutting - 7.5s total Fletching Potion - 5s total Oil of Blacksmith - 2.25s First come, first serve. Prices firm. Selling on behalf of AllisonGames / Alannah. Will COD items through mail.
  5. We are now offering 80QL enchanted horseshoes at the merchant as well! Currently in stock are 80QL shoes with 70 - 79 WOA. Price is 70c each. We will soon be your one stop shop for all that is horses! Stop in today!
  6. I am running a sale on horses! This weekend only! Grey horses are 15c each, regular color horses are 20c each! If the color/sex you would like isn't already in the "For Sale" pens, just throw me a /tell or PM to request them! I'm going to update the main post to reflect.
  7. I've added another new perk/feature to the New Fairwood horse market! If someone browses our inventory online, but is unable to come pick the horse up right away, they can reserve the horse! Simply /tell or PM me to reserve the horse(s) you would like to purchase! They'll be placed in one of two "Order Pickup" pens also located at the market. The corresponding key(s) will then be COD'ed to the buyer and they'll be able to pick the horses up at their convenience!
  8. Thanks for the purchase, Block! I've restocked another White Male 5-speed in the pen. If you ever see a horse in the on-deck pen that you're interested in, feel free to give me a shout and I can arrange a pickup
  9. We have now added our horse inventory online! It is updated several times a day, as it ties into our main spreadsheet! We have also listed the horses who are in our "On Deck Circle", which are horses that we plan on selling once there is room in the self-serve merchant! People who are interested in buying an "On Deck" horse can /tell or PM me to reserve their horse(s). In the future, we will be offering horse delivery. Delivery fees will vary based on means of transportation and distance. (Delivery of 4 horses led by rope on the same server will cost significantly less than 4 horses in cages delivered cross-server.) Thank you to everyone who has purchased horses from us so far! Remember that we are running a large operation and are constantly breeding up to 40 dedicated and monogamous horses pairs! We hope you choose us for the best horses at reasonable rates!
  10. Selling 5-Speed Horses at our self-serve merchant. (NEW FAIRWOOD, G14 DELIVERANCE) Check out our full inventory on our GOOGLE SHEET. This remains up-to-date as I modify the overall spreadsheet several times each day! PRICES: Grey = 20c Black, Gold, White, Brown = 25c Piebald Pinto, Blood Bay = 35c Ebony Black = 45c Black Silver (Coming Soon) = 1s25c We also offer FREE lesser-speed horses. When our horse pens become crowded, we put them in a pen on the highway near the horse market. Enchanted horseshoes at 80QL are available as well! Looking to buy a breeding pair? We have between 35 and 40 monogamous breeding pairs (up to 80 horses total) which are being constantly bred! This vastly widens the variety of horses you can shop for, since there is a 1:35 - 1:45 chance for common parents between two horses of the same age! We keep overflow horses that we prepare to sell in our "On Deck" pen. If you'd like to purchase a horse from the "On Deck" circle, please /tell SirRick or PM SirRick in the forums to reserve your horse! Reserved horses are placed in one of two "Order Pickup" pens also located at the horse market. The key to the corresponding horse(s) is then COD'ed to the buyer. The buyer is then able to pick the horse up at their convenience. We sell both males and females. All of the information pertaining to each horse (name, color, sex and price) is posted on a large sign inside the pen. There are 20 numbered pens and the corresponding keys can be purchased from our merchant at the posted price. Feel free to PM me in the forums or /tell SirRick with questions. Thanks! Want to learn more about horses, speed traits and colors? See below: Planning on traveling to New Fairwood from another Freedom Island? See below: Long Trip? Need to stay a while? We have a rent-free Inn and on-deed stable. (Just make sure your horse(s) are tamed or branded!) See below:
  11. [14:17:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Looks like the Hull Plank won't fit in the mailbox, even with the Rune of Magranon. Everything else has been sent. Thank you. [14:19:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you!